DnB Forum presents - The Timeline Mixtape (1993-2012)


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Mar 3, 2011
well if i could only ever listen to one mix again this would be a strong contender. haven't had the pleasure of listening to it in full (had to half it) but everyone just absolutely nailed it. sirus' opening is special, 5 essentials right there. and phat sam creep > killers don't die was like totally bouncing, big big mix. and vaclav muderation > organiser :gun:. and stu floating zero through to snorkel :gun: also james you 'merked it with that tech section, pure fire, and i loved how you used need you and then rj used the calibre remix (which i had never heard and is totally awesome) in his section after. i could keep going on and on. joe you killed it with that last section, i was always gonna like it wasn't i :) couldn't have had a better start or end to the 5 hours in my opinion. i'm gonna keep dipping in and out of this for a long time methinks. you're all awesome


i must say teddy you're splicing and dicing skills must be top, the transitions between each section were so seamless. you're the man, man


Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Papa J's Bomber >> Remember The Roller

+100 badman points

Every piece has a personal fave in, still got a way to go though..

The Watcha

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Jan 17, 2009
Winchester, UK
The final stretch

On from Blackout, Can't Punish Me rmx's punchiness bounces on the beat of Blackout in the second half of that, completely contrasting the Logistic roll in that tune, little rewind before some menacing bass raises an eyebow. Very rough and raw that Can't Punish Me rmx. New vocals on the ears in the breakdown, as I had not heard that tune before. Complete cut to Zion We Go takes the ride on a different direction with another new tune to me. Quite metallic beats ahead of Wardance rmx bringing some familiar vocals before another rewind, some Serial Killaz sirens and some Wu words in there? Didn't expect that. Big smile on my face when the vocals build to the drop. Loving the Scalp Them words. Fair amount of vocal clash with Wardance rmx & the words in Too Bad vip. Another spinback when taking Wardance rmx out. Interested to be reminded of what Hot Wuk rmx was & it sounded nice in there, before another rewind.... easy on the rewinds Papa.

Creep Out bounces into Hot Wuk with razor sharp precision, building through the intro, and before that has time to drop, Killers is in for an incredible blend. Favourite mix so far :) The way the wobble in Killers talks to the grinding filth in Creep Out. Hooks of Feel No Way push into Creep Out's breakdown, continuing through the second half with the hectic drum of a Heist tune, delving deep where Spartan takes the reigns. Loved hearing the crazy vocals of Original Ninja coming in, just in time for the memorable bits in Feel No Way to come back. Not played Original Ninja in a couple of years. More smiles on my face as I hear the triplet beat of Timewarp approaching. Nice one for including that + the mix with Machete really cuts things together. Didn't think those two would work so well, but they did. Will Farrell words announce Cannonball building for an effective switch, letting that do its thing, the memorable winding bit of the original Pacman... building the rmx up. I think that is the first case of hearing a rmx in the ride as well as the original (which is not a bad thing). Nicely reminding us of Can You Feel It's electro drifting notes, before Dirge gets stuck in with some dirty fast beats.

Re-Tech introduces its ticking beat to the filthy colab before, twisting the previous tune up a notch from the drop, like only a rollercoaster of a Break tune knows how, and a few breakbeats of structure in there for sterling measure. More electro hooks begin to whisper in quietly through Re-Tech building again, easing up effectively. Hearing a fair amount of Aztec's intro builds the anticipation to the drop, which is wicked, and in next to no time at all, the deep atmosphere of Snow flutters in bringing the peachy soft vocals and easy listening drum structure.... back to Re-Tech. The singular deep beat of Driftwood washes off the tail end of Re-Tech. Must start playing Driftwood again. Extremely deep notes of Two Drop have attended the double drop in Driftwoods second half, and something I never would have expected from Calibre and very pleasing to hear, giving a piggyback to Deep Space. Simple and effective Murderation, again something I wouldn't normally associate with Logistics working wonders with the tease of the original Organiser. The smallest of strings and chimes draws Alix's Myriads in, letting the echoed effects of Murderation sit back making for a wicked touch and just as Logistic's bit exits, the Exit label boss's lyrics and tune Inner Disbelief endorse Myriads SO well before that breaks.

Glimpse sat a treat off the back of the Shogun tune before, really enjoyed the Distrust tease, similar to flavours akin to the two tunes that side by side from 2009 to 2010. Loved hearing the scraped plinks of Bone Structure making its was, letting the 32 loop of no beat do its thing before the colab does the damage. Nice one for including that as well as Falling Through. Both are wicked and I need to play more of. The foul squelch of Falling Through rutting through Bone Structure.... very wicked blend, those two. Militant drums of 2098 begin easing in from the second drop in Bone Structure, which I thought had left the ride, but its back & enjoyed the couple little slided cuts you had in this bit Stu. 2098 a fav of yours. When Floating Zero induced itself, the way the elements of the intro assembled, easing UM's bit back slightly was quality. Belleview rmx in for its bassy take, and central kind of double in the first half of Floating Zero was more special selection and placement. Not aware of what Kingdom is, but as writing, the intro starts to build through FZ's break, was hoping for a double (as FZ tends to tail off half way through its second half), but letting Kingdons intro do its own thing was quality, and with Snorkel in for the double... What! Fairly by surprise, and I like how you did that tease.

Right back for more complex Kingdom ahead of Horribly Ribbed's vocals announcing it will shortly get stuck in, with the 'nightmares' vocal. Coarse hard beats to the damage to Kingdom with a fav of Danwell's. Dj friendly clappy beat of Food Fight rolls up for the double with Horribly Ribbed for a wickedly contrasting double of different flavours. Falling Down in for the double with Food Fight with int belligerent relentless stomping beat and drawn out hook pushing through. Stranded, another new beat to the ears. Very sweet first listen with the minorly skipping beat with half standard rolling structure and subtly haunting undertones. Plus more freshness to me with People... very much enjoying the rattles and vocals in that. Not something that I would not think of when I hear Dexcell, but a pleasing surprise.

The additional shakers, pops and percussion that Symbol 5.3 blesses People with is second to none, after its brief stepped section to the drop. Sicx bringing the aromas that he is renowned for in his mixes. More melody at around 4:33, if that is the arrival of Nexus, then the transitions between these are effortlessly seamless. Yeh, that was Synth Sense's bit, as the more energetic Synesthesia rolls into the last tune with some 170 pressure. The tease of Symbol 8.1 is more familiar (as it is sat in the stack), bringing another smile to my face.... the way you bring in those melodic intros with no beat to listen out for is superb man! I don't know how you do it. And the blend with Stepping Stone, letting Symbol 8.1 have a companion to hold its hand, with some down by the river vibes. Loving the little ticking bleepy bits in the breakdown of that SS. Wow! How the melody in The Little Things sits with the melody in Stepping Stone, before ramping up the energy a notch with a rolling beat, complimenting the minimal structure of Stepping Stone, making for a nice contrast. The way the autonomic flex and clicks of Plume bounce through the roll of TLT was another amazing choice and quality blend, setting up the penultimate unions. The faint vocals of some odd voice sample and heavenly drawn out chime style padded acoustics of both Deleted Scene 2 & 1 wound in and out of Plume like it was part of the tune. A fitting end section, especially as this particular style of dnb has grown so much in the last few years or more.

Overall, an impeccable selection showcasing the history of dnb over the last 20 year. Enjoyed everyones section, even the first 5 years or so, which I usually steer away from, with all that break beat. The concept is quality, and particularly liked how it was 19 peoples takes on the years available, showcasing the history of dnb and how it has developed over the years. Hardly noticed the volume changes for the majority that some heads have mentioned. A few odd seconds of slide in there, and the occasional tune that seemed to sit back in the mix & sound a smidge quieter, but that is really being picky in something that was outstanding.

i must say teddy you're splicing and dicing skills must be top, the transitions between each section were so seamless. you're the man, man

+ I must say that this sentiment is completely fitting. Your skills to thread all the parts together are extraordinary Ted and seamless as Jack mentioned. Special respect goes out to you for your hard work on the behind the scenes bits
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Oct 17, 2008
The Cupboard Under The Stairs
Creep Out bounces into Hot Wuk with razor sharp precision, building through the intro, and before that has time to drop, Killers is in for an incredible blend. Favourite mix so far :)

Feel lik I've won an oscar. Thanks for all the feedback bro. I think I speak for everyone when I say that not only is it appreciated but it's also an intensely enjoyable read. I had just as much fun reading all that as I did listening to it.

Bless m7


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Dec 19, 2008
i must say teddy you're splicing and dicing skills must be top, the transitions between each section were so seamless. you're the man, man

thanks man. it was a real bitch to get right for some parts but if somethings worth doing etc
im gutted i couldn't get the levels between sections better tho.

big up everyone thats rocked it. each time i added a new section on i was putting it on the pod and listening to the whole thing. still not bored of it yet.


Pavey Farms
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Jun 6, 2008
NW Kent
Finally on a decent computer so I can highlight my favourite bits. Massive shout to Teddy who organised this, loving the analog type feel of the transitions in the early stages. Huge shouts to everyone involved; each segment has absolute peaches of tunes & showcases some outstanding mixing abilities! What a journey. Anywho, here are my favourite bits...

1993 SIRUS

Origin Unknown - Valley of the Shadows (Long Dark Remix)
Boogie Times Tribe - The Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Mix)

Couldn't of asked for a better start

1994 jmzmaloney

Brainkillers - Screwface
Dead Dred - Dred Bass (Origin Unknown Remix)

Great selection, really on point

1995 Papa Jaro

Aphrodite - Bomber
Dr S Gachet - Remember the Roller

Basically, because you played Remember the Roller! Blending is criss as always..

1996 TeddyBizzle

Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing
The Terrorist - Chopper (Ray Keith Dirty Chopper Remix)
Renegade - Dark Soldier Part 2

Was hard to pick a fave bit tbh..

1997 TeddyBizzle

I.Q. Collective - Mode. 1. <<---- Been looking for an ID on this one for years! Out to you, Sir
Scorpio - Trouble

1998 Toejam

Infinite - Beachball
Origin Unknown - Sound In Motion

Loved this section

1999 Siclical

>> Ed Rush & Optical - Gas Mask
Red One - Strangled Duck (Origin Unknown Remix)
>> Technical Itch ñ LED
>> Bad Company - Seizure
Bad Company - 4 Days

Ridiculous talent!

2000 Mish Mash

Konflict - Messiah
>> Ram Trilogy - Titan
Kemal - Bleed
Dillinja - Nasty Ways

Always been a fan of your skills dude

2001 Jwood27

Ink & Dylan - Need You
Stakka & Skynet - Decoy
Dylan & Loxy - Death March
Bad Company - Planet Dust

Brought back memoirs of the tape-pack days!

2002 rj_dnb

Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman (Ram trilogy rmx)
Dylan & Ink - Need you (Calibre rmx)

Had never heard that Calibre remix before. Pure heat

2003 hyperd4eva

Pendulum - Vault
Brockie & Ed Solo - Bioplasm
M.I.S.T - Barracuda

Loved this selekky

2004 Danny_Intro

J Majik & Wickaman - Spycatcher
Ant Miles featuring Sabe X - Soak it up
DJ Fresh featuring Adam F - When the sun goes Down (Origin Unknown Remix)

Nostalgia central

2005 HAB

Pendulum - Tarantula
>> Zen - Rhubarb N Custard
>> Calyx & Ill.Skillz - Thru Your Eyes
Pendulum - Sounds of Life
>> G Dub - Tink Ya Bad
Adam F - 8 Ball
>> DJ Hazard - Surprise Surprise
>> The Upbeats - Werewolf
Sub Focus - Juno
>> Spor - To The Death
Noisia & Bad Company - Meditation
>> Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)

Impossible to pick a fave bit. Always a pleasure mate. RHUBARB 'N' CUSTARD!

2006 t345e

Benny Page - Turn Down The Lights
Hive & Gridlock - Standing Room Only Feat D Bridge, Break & Silent Witness
Logistics - Blackout

Loved it, but made me feel old lol. Turn Down the Lights was 2006?! Jeewizz

2007 Papa Jaro

Tribe of Issachar - Wardance (Serial Killaz Remix)
Taxman - Too Bad (VIP)
Mr Vegas - Hot Wuk (Chase & Status Remix)

Showcasing the skills yet again, Papa J. Loved the mix into Too Bad VIP

2008 Phat_Sam

Strider - Feel No Way
>> Icicle - Spartan
>> Taxman - Original Ninja
Sub Focus - Timewarp
>> DJ Hazard - Machete
Noisia & Phace - Cannonball

Great mixing & selection here, top notch

2009 Fallen.GeMiNi

Break - Re-Tech
>> Spor - Aztec
>> Seba - Snow
Icicle feat. Noisia - Driftwood
Calibre - Two Drop
>> Sub Focus - Deep Space
Logistics - Murderation
>> SpectraSoul - Organiser
Alix Perez - Myriads
>> dBridge - Inner Disbelief

Another impossible one to pick out a highlight from. 'Snow' could of been though, just on its own..

2010 Agent Smith

Spectrasoul & dBridge - Glimpse
>> Jubei & Alix Perez - Distrust
Rockwell & Zero T - Bone Structure
>>Noisia & Spor - Falling Through
Ulterior Motive - 2098

Always a pleasure, concreting your skills yet again pal

2011 danwell

DJ Hazard - Food Fight
S.T Files & Calibre - Falling Down
Xtrah - Stranded

Loved this bit, Food Fight was a great shout

2012 Sicx

Method One - Symbol #5.3
>>Synth Sense - Nexus II
Sam KDC - Synesthesia
>>Sam KDC - Symbol #8.1
Synth Sense - Stepping Stone (Widestream Mix)
dBridge - The Little Things
ASC - Plume
>>Synth Sense - Deleted Scene II
>>Synth Sense - Deleted Scene I

A lovely, chilled yet varied end to a fantastic mix. Loved the final pieces

Any feedback after The Watcha's epic analysis may seem irrevelant lol, especially from a non-DJ such as myself. However, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it as much as all the technically gifted people involved here.

Even shared it on my Soundcloud & Mixcloud. Most Bacefookers just wouldn't get it, because of how good it is...

Big up again everyone :)
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