DnB Forum presents - The Timeline Mixtape (1993-2012)

I don't know how I only just came across this mix tonight. Midway through 1995 at the moment, the mix has been wicked so far, looks as though the quality selection will continue through the rest of it.

I need to listen to more jungle.
i dont think so captain.
dont spam this, its a quality mix! your "remix" on the other hand, i can only assume its dog shit based on the fact you feel the need to post it in here. show some respect if you want to obtain any yourself.
lol, some dude has torrented it.
search kickass/tpb for history-of-drum-bass-the-timeline-mixtape-1993-2012

Anyone knows what's up with the soundcloud link? :)

need dat re-up yo

can't view the link at work that i posted before. It might still be working. Fingers crossed.
if not, i have it at home. I'll find somewhere to upload it.
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