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  • I'm with my folks too, in London. Just looking for a job that is remotely relevant to what I studied anywhere in the UK really. Got an interview on Wednesday so hopefully I will be moved out before too long! You starting off in England? When are you coming? We will have to hang out, although it remains to be seen if I will be back on the bevys at that stage.
    Already back in London sweetheart. I ran out of jobs that could sponsor me over there, so came home to get some work experience and try again. You coming back here?
    oh shoot how silly do i feel! im sorry!! fuuuuuuuuuuuu- as if any of that ish matters, wow i get sso mislead at times +- look never mind my bullshit ok. talk when we tallk x karl ps fkkkkkkk i feel like such a chump
    i knowwwwwwwww its so suck, but ill find it, im sure of it, its bound to be round here somewhere
    me too. but its not gone, cant be. how could it possibly be gone, it doesnt make sense. it must be in a... jacket. or a coat. or something. i have to find it or ill fucking die.
    dont think i forgot, i might actually have a thing tonight. possibly maybe probably could be, but its early days so rough draft kind of thing.
    yeah! i was thinking more of as a holiday, i mean working would be great! but im in the family business and times are hard!
    im fine thank you! chilling in the garden in the sun! how are you? i REALLY wanna come oz!
    look i dont want to be the one to say i told you so,
    but i told you so. i tooooooooootally did haha that makes me chuckle
    haha 'my dear' AHEAEHEAHEAHAEHEHA
    and i was writing... stuff? probablg? far as i know with the pm bit but i cleared it out now.
    anyway i tought it was bob dylans! i only use it to punk out noobs anyway haha i believe you saw as much.
    YES i did, as it happens! and when i say 'yes i did' i mean no, i didnt. well not exactly. but ill tell you who did,
    chris did (colombian chris)! result! and thats a step in the right direction, so there might be some hope after all. exciting news.
    im still saying mayyyd to people btw, figured id mention that, turns out its much more difficult to break that habit than id expected.
    gods im braindead today, chris took me to a goth club last night. so my first time at a goth, and i have to say, its kind of a thing, if a bit faggy.
    he didnt really call btw, that was me. did you fix your pearly ring? you got all the parts right?
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