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Jan 23, 2018
Oct 17, 2008
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Jan 23, 2018
    1. ThePapa
      My last tune was Hot Wuk (vocal mix).. :afro:
    2. rob_del_terror
      Yo, can you link me up to the video that your sig gif was taken from.
    3. Sicx
      Done! What you saying man?
    4. logikz
      hey man, are you up for starting to sketch up the details for what will be the next compo? im sending this message to all the headz that contributed to the last one, and a few more whom i think will have smart shit to say, what do you think?
    5. $marty
      All good bro! Just Chrome wasn't agreeing with it I guess! :)
    6. $marty
      Ez buddy. Hope all's well. Just to let you know I've removed your sig as it was causing malware to flash up. Fohguild or something.
    7. richie_stix
      yes mate... id be up for that, duno when though as im a bit busy! what software you use, ableton right?
    8. logikz
      no problem, ill have it with you tonight
    9. logikz
      did you receive our submission? we used dropbox, but if you didnt get i can upload it again real quick for you tonight, to snedspace or so
    10. ARTFX
      Still working on the tune mate.
      Got some other stuff going on at the moment (contact with record labels).
      So didn't have any time working on that tune lately, and got about 4 remix projects going on myself. :D
    11. the-rippa
      Oh and a wav of the tune im remixing mate.

    12. the-rippa
      Oh yeah and a wavl of ya tune for reference.
    13. the-rippa
      Yeah im up for that mate.

      Just keep in mind what i said about being busy as fuck an all that....

      I can't promise miracles but ill do my best......

      Hit me back with a link to ya samples and ill download them or whatever.....
    14. the-rippa
      UMMMMMMMM soundz interesting ?????

      Tell me more......................
    15. the-rippa
      Easy mate,

      Yeah im feelin the deep places tune, but i noticed how u said the beats weren't fat enough...

      If ya want send me the individual stems (WAV's) of the tune without the beats and ill see if i can come up with a heavier beat for ya ????? Oh and the BPM of course....

      I know it aint much of a collab but its a start. What ya think ????
    16. the-rippa
      Yes Yes soldier. Im a mad jump up fan. Cant help it ha....

      But just recently ive clocked how to make a nice killa synth on Thor, in fact i just uploaded it 2nite. (had 2 many beers!!)

      Tune called Orchestrated

      Its a work in progress mate, but i think its bout 90% finished (what u think) ?

      To answer ya collab question, yeah im kinda interested, but lately im so busy with life an all itz bullshit it has to deliver that it might take a while for me to get in the flow of things but fuck it im down mate.... why not eh...

      What style u produce g ?????

      Hit me with a link to ya Soundcloud page geeeeeza
    17. Alexi
      when you get a chance can you send the tunes via AIM, my addy is AlexiDNB

      nice one mate
    18. the-rippa
      Easy g,

      Yeah i've been using reason 4 for about a year or so and i love how fuckin easy it is to program beats and get ideas down fast but as for the synthesis side im not very keen. Can't seem to get the fucked up grimey sound out of the synths...

      Im pretty sure thats because im not takin the time to learn the synth's to there full potential ????

      Im still havin a good go at gettin my head around thor at the mo...

      I've got a souncloud page but only 1 tune on there at the moment, its a remix of Bop - Enjoy The Moment, a competition for Hospital Records, anyway heres the add:

      Hit me back....
    19. Krispy
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    The Cupboard Under The Stairs