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Aug 12, 2017
Jan 4, 2011
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Aug 12, 2017
    1. hyperd4eva
      whats your address big boy
    2. hyperd4eva
    3. Teddy
      The very instant I discovered caffeinated breakfast cereal.
      Mildly interesting fact, as a mod you can access the camera on users laptops. Those terms and conditions allow all sorts of misdemeanours.
      You should get a haircut and try wearing more clothes around the house. Winter is coming.
    4. SIRUS
    5. ThePapa
      Yo Dan. You got any mixes for that Submerged (Calyx remix) that you'd care to share??
    6. ThePapa
    7. Teddy
      sure did man.
      nice one man. think we'll have a better week this monday. my inbox is brimming with entries
    8. ThePapa
      Hey Dan wicked start to a mix mate! It's making me feel all kinda..

    9. logikz
      of course big guy, no worries, whats been going on, you ok buddy? your moving going ok and so, whats the deal
    10. rysk
      can't skip through which is lame. But these beats are fire....so i'm OK with this.
    11. ThePapa
      Dan hook me up with your ustream ting from the other day there's one tune I baaaaadly need!
    12. ThePapa
    13. logikz
      where did you go all of a suddem, did you some how spout a life just like that on a sunday? dont make me turn on fruityloops and start making music because i will, and dont test me on this, im trying my hardest to waste time here on the forum but if its going to be boring for much longer im starting the old creativity up again out of sheer default. you know, more i talk about it the more uitt seems like the right thing to do
    14. logikz
      MY MAN! hows it going what are you doing and most of all wearing under your clothes? is anyone mixlr or something today?
    15. Gumby
      its an expensive holiday location! but either way, you're always welcome :zest:
    16. Gumby
      oh very nice! I'm jealous, it was raining here today.
      you should. you'd love it, i know you would, its a great part of the world. start saving!! you can find work here no problem, you just need money for flights and some cash to get you by for a few weeks while you look for work.
      feel free to hit me up anytime you want to come visit :)
    17. Gumby
      Hi! How are you? Feeling better?
    18. Teddy
      yes dan.
      i bagged some for the ladies. its not actually that bad. stinks a bit like brut but with a the liquidized heart of a panther.
    19. logikz
      its a good song, right? i think its fking fantastic, necro genraly gets a humdinger somewhere between 1 and 100. but thats white people for you. i been good buddy, hows work? i got family in town and thats always nice, and i got this idea about a new project, im going to use windows sound recorder and earbuds as microphone to record an acoustic guitar and singing, and drums that i will play live on this drummachine i got thats specialized in acoustic soundin kits, then produce it in fruity to add some really basic stuff like distortion and reverb. using strickly legal software and freeware plugs. or, come to think iof it, use the real guitar pedals that i actually own for it? would make it even more ass sounding. anyway so im excited about my new project and making music again in general. because my good man, i got my stuff back from the goddamn police!!! vindicated!!! i told you about the thing right?
    20. logikz
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