DnB Forum presents - The Timeline Mixtape (1993-2012)

Woah. So worth the wait. Everyone brought the ruckas. A drop in the ocean for the timeline and probably needs a part two/ remix.

I salute you Teddy the organiser..niser...niser. Vision and patients. You set a new standard, sir.

Chest bumps to everyone involved.
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i do apologise about playing 6 tunes aswell

There's always one :teeth:

Part 2

Rolling out of Dubplate rmx without waiting too long into such tune, comes another quality classic from Ed Rush & Op in the shape of Kerbcrawler. A wickedly complimenting blend & loving the relentless roll of Kerbcrawler, with the horns, echoed effects & winding hooks of Dubplate rmx over the top. Not familiar with Need You from the name, but instantly recognise it when the vocal comes in. sitting well with the structure of Kerbcrawler through the intro, bringing a deeper slice of nastiness to the Virus tune. Roughage beats of Decoy force themselves onto Need You, keeping the vocal in through the menacing 32 bar loop & when Decoy drops it sounds quality with those additional words. Again, not sure I've heard Death March before.... brings some hard beats to the ride ahead of the unmistakable hooks of Planet Dust in the breakdown vibing with a similar melody to the break in Death March. Head nodding business & thoroughly enjoying the mix.

As I am finishing that, and almost as Death March exits the mix, Fair Fights funky Zinc riffs compliment the ever pleasing Planet Dust. Twist Em Outs punchy electric bits building through Fair Fights break for a nice double. 2 classics working well with each other. Wondering what Abyss might be & it snuck under the radar for the double with TEO, bringing some hard beats similar to Death March to something more known to my ears. Not time till the breathing point, Pacman rmx in rushing through the maze, munching its way in for the double. I say no more for a tune that speaks for itself. Need You rmx delivers some new jungley notes to my ears that I'd not heard before, and particularly nice to hear something older and different to the Calibre of recent years.

More historic hooks of Vault push through the ride, for it to drop on its own and for full effect. Jump around tune! Loving the gritty echod electronic intro of Bioplasm easing into Vault, before the former tune winds down a little. Bioplasm sounding a lot like something I wouldn't normally label Brockie & Ed Solo with, but in a nice way. Got a feeling this next mix with Barracuda will be wicked, right before I hear the first signs of it making its entrance, keeping some bass of Bioplasm bouncing in & out more was sweet. Barracuda a personal fav from years back that I haven't played in years ;) A friend of mine has / had Sleeping Giant, and hearing the piano work is way off the tail end brought back some old back to back mixes we used to do. Such a wise choice having that Ready Or Not rmx in this epic journey to. SO good to hear that again.

Jammin slapped its self on the bubbley Zinc beat, before that crazy breakdown I'd not heard before. Doesn't hang about getting stuck in there, building for Spycatcher working its haunting deep jump up bass. Yet another personal fav. Bought that for the A, trying to find out the name of a tune that we'd been hearing at a rave & turned out to be Spycatcher :D Soak It Up twists Spycatcher up a funky notch with some dancey Ram bass. Not a huge fan of When The Sun Goes Down rmx, but it kept the hectic party style vibe of tunes flowing through the mix. Too much vocal Origin Unknown. Breakdown building ready to receive its Ska (rmx). The main hooks of both WTSGD & Ska rmx bouncing very well together. Already know that the next blend with True Romance will be quality, as have tried before, but doesn't take away from the scaled plinks of True Romances intro with shuffled mildly complex drums and that unforgettable simple bass rollercoaster to take hold at the drop. Keeping the mix in for 4 sets of 32 bars was nice.

Almost as Ska rmx had disappeared, Tarantula is working wonders with True Romance with its intro. Would have cut True Romance when Tarantula dropped. Loved the Rhubarb N Custard in there, takes you by surprise and in a different direction. Sounds wicked with Pencdulums tune. Not heard Thru Your Eyes in the past, but made for a nice first listen, bringing some old throw back Calyx filth to Spyda's vocals. The flow continues with Sounds Of Life sitting well off the end of Tarantula, right before some jump up dirt in the shape of Tink Ya Bad cuts through the ride with its disgusting wobs. 8 Ball delivers more dancefloor flavours, reminiscent of old Roni Size beats, with the ever catchy Surprise Surprise looming in after a standard blend, with more 8 Ball in for the breakdown. Werewolf rips through 8 Ball, as Juno's intro starts to emerge and drop some Subfocus stomping beats on proceedings. To The Death is in for a quality, energetic mix, before Meditation takes the reigns with something similar. Voodoo People rmx' electro melodies tease through the wild path, before a well thought our half time breakdown.

Spacey pads of The Quest pile into Meditation, keeping the aggressive drum structures of both tunes flowing wickedly in & out of each other. The ever dirty bass of a Break tune does the damage when Brainstitch rmx comes in. Loved hearing the reggae influenced Turn Down The Lights do its thing in there. Such a pleasing tune to hear in the mix & at any time for that matter. 60's / 70's club trumpet / oboe notes sound the arrival of Standing Room Only & again, another tune that speaks for itself. Quite possibly one of the best dnb colabs of years gone by, leading up to jazzy summer infused Blackout, pounding out from the mix, keeping the powerful fabrication of Standing Room Only's drum undercurrent rolling through.

Part 3 to come hopefully this week
^^ wow mate, thats intense. (y)

Listened to this a fair few times already, for me personally Siclical's bit was ridiculous.
Would like to say I have a favourite bit but there is so so much goodness in this. 98-2000 was certainly a wicked 3 years, but it just got better and better as it progressed.

Big ups all involved and of course Teddy.
Giving a listen through now sounds pretty damn decent so far. excited for all of this

So whats your favorite track in the mix????? :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth:
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Anyone else feel REALLY old when looking at how far back some of these tracks were released?

Been rinsing this constantly over the past few. Right now on the transition from Myriads to Glimpse. Goodness.

Biggest tune in the mix for me so far has either been Screwface (1994), Bleed (2000 - could be MVP), Decoy (2001), or the mix with ReTech (2009). Never heard Can't Punish Me (2007 Remix) and I keep rewinding on it. Like so many other sections. Gotta give a shoutout to Papa J and Obey for taking things in a different direction than most. So much to say about this mix... no time!
Gotta give a shoutout to Papa J and Obey for taking things in a different direction than most. So much to say about this mix... no time!

Serious props. Nice one guys. Really got the mix turning in directions I didn't see coming... specially 2007 Jaro... Expected Mr Happy left right and center... haha
No Mr Happy made me a little sad, but hey, we have enough Hazard thanks to both of you guys :)

I'll have to listen a few more times at least to pick some favourites, but special mention goes to Die - Autumn (1998), first time I heard this tune and had to bag it straight away, pure vibes!
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I was, also, a little saddened by the lack of Mr. Happy. But fuck it Papa J's amazing.
The more I listen makes me more clueless as to which bit I like best.

Hat's off to FG for 2009. Just for including Snow. Danwell's 2011 mix was cool as well Food Fight > Falling Down > Stranded was a silly 3 tune section. So difficult to portray the later years over 5 tunes but fair play I liked it alot.

I have to say the diversity of some people has been highlighted like HAB for example, bangs out all sorts of different liquid mixes; then bangs out the dancefloor vibes for his year! wicked wicked wicked. Meditation > Voodoo People remix was legendary.

Phat Sam deserves some recognition for including Dirge. One of my favourite tunes from 08'. Props for playing it.

I could go on & on. I think a couple of my favourite tunes to be played as FG said was probably Die - Autumn or a personal favourite of mine Kemal & Rob Data - Star Trails.

So so good.
I just see this on my fb, looking large guys! Will dl and save for a long journey some time, such a good selection in some years!
Too kind, Stu! I did indeed, as the kids would say, go HAM in this mix for a reason.

Special shouts to Toejam because holy fuck the 1998 section is quickly becoming my favorite. Selection is beyond ridiculous.
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