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  • yo man - any more designs coming for sierra network!?
    Ez bro. Afraid not, the companies kinda cease to exist really. The printing company i was using went under and ive been too busy/lack of motivation to start it up again. Maybe in the future though...
    Watched it yesterday and yes amazing! Certainly pays homage to the classic films like Halloween, let the right one in, friday 13th..etc
    Will keep a lookout for it!
    Hey man, where did you buy the 'It follows' soundtrack on vinyl from? Just watching the movie now and i love the synth score, very 80's
    got caught up in the whole bass music thing tbh...good to see you're still repping though.
    You can look on Juno for the new stuff but if it's old school jungle ya want...
    Oy mate, how you doin'?

    I've got this friend asking me if I know someone that designs and stuff. He wants a logo for something, and shows me examples of how he wants it to be.
    I immediatly thought about your drawings when i saw the style. You think it's something you wanna do? Don't think he wants something extra ordinary though,
    eventually just a quick sketch of the lines and all for him to put a layer over in photoshop and make clean and color n stuff. I don't know.

    Let me know alright! I've shown him some of your posts in the drawing thread and he's madly impressed, so big up from him, lol

    There's no plans for anything new. Ezeekil is busy with photography these days, and I've kinda moved on from that sound/scene tbh.

    ermm. Autonomic wise: Layer 10 of the podcast is out in the next week or so. Next Non Plus+ release is an EP by Actress (out in January- same month as Fabric CD). Abstract Elements 12" is probably next release on Exit next year- not sure what the tunes are but it's probably an album sampler.

    heard this tune- Consequence & Joe Seven collab- out in 2010.

    and found out this was by Skream- will be on Autonomic compilation or Non Plus next year maybe.

    ASC did a remix of 11 Circles by Consequence (first part of clip)

    that's about as much as i know tbh. Safetism :)

    checking Dogs on Acid and twitter is probably the best way to stalk autonomic movements :lol:
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