1. L

    Drum and Bass Discord!

    Hey everyone, i recently made a discord server for Drum and Bass Production. feel free to join. usefull links, tutorials, feedback and more :)
  2. Sinus

    DnB Scythe - ID

    Feedback pls
  3. J

    Twisted Perspective [feat. RAPKID] - DARK BEAT (hip hop, electronic, UK bass)

    This is a pre-mixed version and lyrics might end up being changed a lot. But any feedback on the tune so far is welcome. Cheers.
  4. Troy Manvell

    Fresh tune but is it missing something?

    Hi I got a fresh tune down last night i like it but it feels like its either missing something.... Any advice on the matter or is it good as it is. Opinions and feedback welcome. Let me know the score Cheers Troy
  5. xiris

    Incorporating External Processing Hardware into your Production Setup

    I'm looking for advice on what I/O box to purchase, what you guys use, or any tips people who've already got a setup like this going for themselves could offer, and if my understanding of how this is all supposed to work even makes sense in the first place. I've recently come across some old...
  6. C

    DnB New track from new DnB producer in Denmark

    Hi, it's my first post in this forum, so I hope I have put this in the right place. I've been learning to produce for just over a year now, and I'm ready to start posting my tracks on Soundcloud. As I'm new, I know there is much I need to learn, and I know my tracks are far from perfect, but I...
  7. Archaea

    Hello everyone!!!

    Hiya, my name is Zakhar! I am a Drum & Bass producer and DJ living in England (near Reading to be more specific). Currently also a Neuroscience student at Kings College London. I've been producing since 2011 but DnB has really taken over my life since 2016 when I started getting into Neurofunk...
  8. S

    In need of some advice

    Hello there everybody, I just made an account today because I saw the great potential in forums like this. I was wondering if anybody could give me some feedback on one of my latest projects which is not finished but seeing if I'm heading in a good direction or not. I worked with FL Studio...
  9. keelan

    Help making this bass

    Hi, i would really like some help on making this bass, it can be with with serum or massive (preferably serum) Thank you!
  10. bassclips

    Bass Music production methods (Ableton)

    So, my question to all the producers of Bass Music on this forum is...: How do you approach making a tune? I watched quite a few of the tutorials about making tunes and I've noticed , that a lot of producers , while using Live , completely bypass the "live" part..... I mean....first you sort...
  11. El_gato

    DnB Latest production (dnb, dustep, liquid, trance?) Hardware used

    Hey guys, I´m new to producing dnb. I've produced since 2007 but this is my first 100% electronic production and I don't really know what kind of sub-genre would this fit in. Feedback on the mix and/or master is appreciated. Also wondering what style is this Cheers
  12. Kzulfazriawan

    DnB Need Feedback, Remix Future Bass x Drum N Bass

    Hello, I'm new in music production and this is my second remix, I was tried to combine future bass and dnb, what do you think ?
  13. sylabg

    DnB should i finish them ?

    im stuck in this position for a while...
  14. daveyberkowitz

    Hollow Days - Davey Berkowitz

    A halftime-y tune I made and decided to upload, some hardware, some breaks , echo-y business. enjoy.
  15. JoJabes

    German Rookie Needs Production Advices

    Hey community, first i want to apologize for my bad english, i hope you can understand my posting. I started producing drum and bass half a year ago. It is sad that i sarted doing this so late in my life (well 24 is not to late...), because it is so much fun for me. I never played an instrument...
  16. N

    Tribal percussion

    Hello guys, I am looking for some tips or classical patterns for percussion in dnb. Anyone have succeded in making great percussion for a dnb beat? I am talking about those old school conga or bongo loop that give a tribal feel to the break...
  17. P

    EDM Production Discord Looking For More Producers

    I am currently apart of a small 25+ member EDM Production community, we are looking to recruit more producers who wish to improve their production skills in an intermediate production environment. We are looking for producers who are active and want to contribute to the group. Whether that be...
  18. D

    Multi Genre Prodigy - Jericho (help)

    I know it's not quite dnb but can anyone tell me any vst's or anything that could be used to get the "ding" sound used in the main melody at 0:45. Infinite ratings if you can help.
  19. JBrennand99

    Old school mid 90's Jungle feel, with a bit of added darkness - MIXDOWN FEEDBACK

    I'm going for that old school mid 90's Jungle feel, with a bit of added darkness. Just here for some feedback on how you think i've captured the style & how you feel about the mix down, this entry is for a London based record label so any feedback is more than welcome! Thanks.
  20. Kzulfazriawan

    Hai from jakarta

    Hello fellow drum n bass heads my name is kzul from jakarta. I am new in dnb production, but I've been love to listen dnb since I was in middle school (2010). here's my page in soundcloud, feel free to check it out (: also I was looking for good references to create...