German Rookie Needs Production Advices

Hey community,

first i want to apologize for my bad english, i hope you can understand my posting.
I started producing drum and bass half a year ago. It is sad that i sarted doing this so late in my life (well 24 is not to late...), because it is so much fun for me. I never played an instrument or knew something about music theory. I try to teach myself everything that i need to know, to get a better sounding mix. I would be happy to get some feedback on my current projects. Maybe you have to download the files to get a better audio quality.

This one, i started 3 weeks ago:

This one, i started 4 days ago:

What can i do better? what shold be the next steps?

Thank you Friends :)


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hello german rookie. thanks for getting involved. no worries about the language, your English is better than most natives' in this forum.
for starters I recommend you to post your tracks in the dedicated forum section: ... will give you more feedback.
also, please upload your tracks to SoundCloud or other track sharing platforms and then post the track in here .. easier to listen to for us folks. looking forward to your tunes, mate!