Twisted Perspective [feat. RAPKID] - DARK BEAT (hip hop, electronic, UK bass)

Neural Tech

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Jul 31, 2009
I left feedback,

"Vocal is sitting well in the Mix, lyrics are audible and clear. Bass is big and Drums work well. It sounds slightly East Coastish (ala New York), but with Nuskool Bass.

Some Panning on the Scratching and, "Lives Changing" words would help seperate those two parts and give the Mix more character... it works as is, but is kind of bland having them both centered in the Mix... although it does work.

1:19 - that extra Gated Lead is cute. 1:24 - that Pad that slowly comes in and ends up having the LFO on it modulated right to the point of the end is cool. I'm curious where that was going.

The Mixdown is solid and balanced. The Master sounds squashed and is causing minor distortion at both low and loud volumes in my cheap PC headphones... I don't understand why it has to be so loud. Cool tune, I'd Scratch to it."
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