1. Freek

    Freek January 2023 mixtape

    New mixtape up on my soundcloud.. tracklist will be posted soon
  2. D

    DnB new jump up tune

  3. D


    hi im dj gissmoe I'm from watford and ive been djing and producing as a hobby for 8 years I'm self taught I've just released fifty tunes for free download on soundcloud you can find them here https://soundcloud.com/dj-gissmoe I've just started my twitter account and don't many followers but i...
  4. D

    new jump up tune

  5. Freek

    DnB Freek guest mix on DJ Hypes show on Kiss 03.05.2017

    Tracklist Nostalgia - Gin and Bass (Dub) Total Recall - Follow The Flute (T>I Remix) (Dub Voltage Dub) Freek - Junkie VIP (Multi Function Dub) Dangerous & Basstripper - Best Intentions ChaseR - My Vision (Ignescent Dub) Tsuki - 35MM (Freek Remix) ChaseR - Bad Dreams Looney - Addiction VIP Bou &...
  6. A


    New to mixcloud so give me a follow for more in the future peace
  7. T

    DnB https://soundcloud.com/user-726151753/trap-door

    What do you think of my track:
  8. I

    DnB Jump Up Drum and Bass Track

    I'm a new producer by the name of IMPRL, I released my first track on SoundCloud last night and was looking for constructive criticism that could help me become a better producer.
  9. Adrian Zenith

    Hey all im new :)

    So im Adrian Zenith new drum and bass producer from poland living in spain i love drum and bass and i have much to learn! 3 Track to listen leave me your opinion.. 1: Toxic 2: Project Zero 3: Get it right
  10. M

    New tunes for free download :P

  11. D


  12. M

    new jump up number

    free on my soundcloud at 200 followers for those who appreciate their jump up:P tell me what i can improve on as always looking for good advice from better producers, peace!
  13. M

    new jump up track for critiquueee

    new jump up tune on the go looking for a bit of feedback? thanks!:)
  14. M

    jump up track for feedback

    been working on this for a while, tell me what you think!:)
  15. M

    new jump up tune!

    have a listen! :)
  16. M

    feedback on my new style jump up track?

    hey worked on this for a few weeks wondered if i could get some helpful feedback, what went well? what could be improved? thanks!
  17. M

    new jump up track

    struggled with this one, any advice would be great, haven't bothered posting build because it needs obvious changing which I'm working on
  18. M

    new jump up track for review

    what went well? what could be improved? would be really helpful thanks:)
  19. M

    can i get a review on this track please - jump up

  20. NuMotive

    DnB Preview of my new track - thoughts please?!

    Preview of a track I'm working on, let me know your thoughts please?! follow my Soundcloud for more -
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