new jump up track for critiquueee

pretty cool stuff. I haven't quite made up my mind about jump up, (as I'm confused as i remember it being the more uplifting Hospital style stuff, but i digress, genres mean nothing 8) ) but your tune has all the right elements. i feel the drums could cut through a bit more, and the sub was a bit static for my taste as well. maybe try some filtered layers, or eq/sidechain the bass to the kick perhaps?? either way solid work and keep it up!
nice thanks for the advice! yeah this isn't my usual style of jump up as its not dark enough
The sub is not present in the mix and the bass synth that kicks in at 0:34 is not really my thing, too overused for my liking. Snare could kick through a bit better if you sidechain it off the sub probably.
Pretty catchy and love the samples. Low end is pretty weak across the board. Kicks dont have a lot of bottom and sub isn't really registering at all for me.

Good starting point though!
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