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  • aw dude thats amazing, ill look forward to it! we are quite taken with stuff like that in my crew though (like my record label/band crew)
    hey man, question, why did you remove your post about your tune being available in jazz vrsion! thats awesome and i want to hear! and do you even post your shit on our dnb forum any more - since you got a record label your stuff belongs in the dnb section with all things rad and pro and awsom :)
    alright mate.
    are you still doing the reviews for tracks in that magazine? will be able to send some tracks over to you and you can see if theyre to your taste/ up to scratch, where should i put them mate. cheers
    Hello mate, is doing these HPI checks a pain for you? I might be popping down to a different dealership later and there is 2 cars I like the look of. If I'm bugging you or your not supposed to keep doing these at work then let me know mate! You have been a massive help so far! Hopefully I should have a car by the weekend so I will leave you alone! haha :)

    If it's possible could you check these two:


    Your a legend mate, thank you.
    Again if it's a problem just let me know.

    Sorry to be a pain mate, you couldn't do one more for me could you...


    Much appreciated
    Wicked mate, that's really useful! I really appreciate the help. I will let you know how it goes.
    Easy fella, you said you could do a licence check, is that the same as the HPI check?

    Could you check these two...

    R006HKW and SD53RJV

    Much appreciated mate!!
    ill try and keep it brief but basically renting legally in amsterdam costs a minimum of 900 euro per month for a tiny little place. thats manageable on one normal salary if you are ok with having no money all the time. if both of you have income you will still have no money but im drunk all the time and have plenty of fun. but no money. as for you getting bookings, i dont know if its just my egocentric view but the general consensus is that jump up isnt the flavor over here, its more tech, neuro, drum funk. you have to work pretty hard to get into the dj circuit but its not at all impossible. there is also social security insurance which costs something like 80-250 per month and its the law that you must have it.
    Easy mate... Spoke to crimps he hasnt got aim at the moment . He said he is going to download it tonight and whe will let me know what it is so ill keep you posted. thanks mate
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