can i get a review on this track please - jump up

Yeah the drums all sound very standard, sample wise.

I think there should be more fills to add interest to the drum patterns as this does make the track sound very repetitive.

I would also say that I think that your synths or whatever the weird noises are need to be cleaned up a bit to make them gel together more and again some variation to the patterns.

You need to add some tension and release as it just seems like once the track starts its at full pace for the rest of the tune.

I think its def a good rough idea for a track though!
cheers for the feedback! its a starting point and i was stuck for improvements so this was very helpful!
Might work better with a drum pattern similar to Annix Betrayal, or half time. I can't hear much sub in there, and yeah you could try experimenting with some more interesting percussion
aha thats the track i tried to emulate the idea off funnily enough
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