Drum & Bass The Long Rhode


Love the ideas here, a real gem to listen to. I reckon the piano but (not the rhodes) sounds a bit dry, maybe try layer another electric piano behind it or something, just to give it a bit more space... perhaps more reverb or delay. Also I think the first bass note is too 'boomy' compared to the lower ones which follow, like I can barely hear the lower note even though the first really booms on my system. You could maybe automate the volume to drop down for that note, or perhaps use some EQ on it to take out some resonance.

Vocals are a nice touch, its a feel good tune really and I love all the sounds, try and add some more pads or something to try and fill it out. Beat is good too I wouldnt really change it. Lot of potential!


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Cheers guys.. I was thinking the same about the piano chords (Made them with the Alicia's Key's Kontact pack) (What a waste of money btw), but didn't really get time today.. I did add a lot of reverb and delay to them, and filtered them, but just couldn't get that 'sound' i was after.. Good idea to layer it though, ive got some nice old vst's that will hopefully do the trick.. Bass sounded fine on my system, but ill def check again..