First remix attempt. Feedback appreciated


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Aug 11, 2015
Black Forest
Hey guys!

Haven't been on here a very long time. Haven't produced that much either because life and stuff. But got to do my first remix ever and had a lot of fun with it. It may be pretty commercial stuff but I still liked doing it.

There are some things I'm not too keen about. Mainly the snare. I was going for a softer waterdroppy kinda sound. Didn't work out too well tbh. I still having problems giving my snare enough room. So my solution is cranking up the volume, which is kinda bad.
I'm very unsure about the second drop with the techno part in it. I usually don't enjoy techno that much and have absolutely no idea how to make a proper techno drum pattern or something like that. I feel like the idea is fun but the execution is lacking hard.
Additionaly I'm not very pleased wit the base line. Like the snare I feel like it lacks some power and character. I know these problems are probably mainly sound design and mixing errors. But it kinda sucks, that I'm making Drum and Bass and are particularly unhappy with both these elements in almost every of my tunes.

Yeah well whatever I'm stoked for any tips or feedback at all. So thanks for taking the time.

What are you on about??? Your sound design is perfectly fitting the track mood.. 100%
The only problems I hear on this product is the arrangement and the mixdown.
The drop should be dramatic, right now everything is overcrowded, silences and suspense/build-up are crucial when arranging dancefloor music.
This track lacks breath
overall, great sounds.
i also like the snare as well as the bass and the vocals.
Vocals all over the place. Give a good extra 16 or 32 bars without vocals and brighten up the mixdown. This track can be extended to 4:50 minutes with dramatic arrangement

The first drop needs NO VOCALS for at least 32 bars, same for second drop. Bridge is perfect!
I love that 80's nuance!
I followed you on SC
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