Grab the original 1972 Think break audio here (download .wav)


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Nov 22, 2011

It's my birthday today and I thought I'd give something back to the community, people that support me and so on (see below for DL link).

I'm taking the whole week off to work on some music, and one of the things I'm doing is work on a remix that uses the classic Think break by Lyn Collins.

I haven't used that break that much in spite of the fact that I own the very original pressing (Polydor 1972).
I got the 7" record ca. 15 years ago from Jukka Sarapää, the drummer of The Soul Investigators and head of the amazing Finnish funk/soul label Timmion (DO check that label out, as they literally have TONS of breaks on their records). It was very generous of him: I got the record for free!
Well, as it often is with really old records, this one is rrrrreally crackly – especially on the break part, which I, of course, wanted to sample.

So today I'm working on that remix and I thought now's the time to use the break…but it was so mega crackly, it needed some serious work.
I was able to decrackle and declick the serious offenders in the audio using Izotope RX , and I think the result is "OK".
In my music, I prefer a slightly dirty / lo-fi sound anyways, so this'll be fitting.
I know you all have this break, but I guess an original pressing rip is at least slightly rare. If you want hi-fi, look elsewhere!


PS: I'm looking for no monetary gains with this. If you represent Polydor Records or Lyn Collins estate and want me to remove this post/download, just let me know and I'll do it. I claim no ownership to the copyright of this audio file
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