DnB Always Making Something New 🎺

z e o r e a d i n g

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Sep 5, 2022
a groovy dnb track I heard SO long ago has popped into my mind, and transported me back to a smoky basement clubhouse where our friends kicked it for afterhours partying, dancing, DJing on the soundsystem, having a blast.

help me if you know musician or track title... it goes like this...

a jazzy dnb tune with old skool vibes. It kind of reminds me of EZRollers but Im pretty sure it wasnt by the EZRollers... cymbal crashes echo and a string bass rhythm comes to a stop... and this guy is saying something. It's like a poem. or maybe a sample from a lucid speech. He's talking about being visionary and creative. He goes on about it for like a minute. It feels like a long time. but the only lyrics I remember is the last phrase before the beat drops and then loops back around again. After it breaks all the way down and he says, "Always making something new..." that jazzy riddim rolls back in again...

I heard it around 2015 but it could be older...

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