Synkro & Indigo - Reflection?


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Hi Ben,

Thanks for getting in touch, your email was passed to me as I'm one of the
music buyers here at Chemical.

I checked out the mystery of the wrong sample for EXIT031, and I see where
the mistake was made. I have a whole bunch of Synkro tracks as I
occasionally release his music on my label, and I uploaded the tracks from
my HD which are called Guidance and Reflection to our web site.

The incorrect track you've heard is called Reflection on my HD, and the
actual B-side on the 12" was originally an 'Untitled' track, but it looks
like Synkro & Indigo nicked the name Reflection for it when they signed it
to Exit - hence the mixup!

Hopefully my explanation makes sense - at any rate the track you heard is
a downtempo piece by Synkro which is currently unsigned.

Thanks again for letting us know about the error, as always feel free to
get in touch with us if you need any more info.

All the best,

Diccon @ Chemical

If anyone's interested...