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  • Something up with your email mate, it seems like it's not accepting mail. You can change it to another one or I can delete it if you don't need notifications ect.
    hey man, are you up for starting to sketch up the details for what will be the next compo? im sending this message to all the headz that contributed to the last one, and a few more whom i think will have smart shit to say, what do you think?

    hit me up on fb man. I remember seeing you on dans I think but can't be arsed to look right now. will definitely try and get a few people along at some point if you give me a bit of warning!
    Nice to meet you at carnival too!

    ps you need to empty your inbox brah
    ez sam.....wicked set on sat...thanks for coming down......defo have you on the line up again.
    nuh uh. ballabrigs. ten bags mate. leave it yeah. DENCH. go to church, have a cup of tea, go home and jerk yo dick. freedom old boy. freedom.
    who the flying dick is frank? or is it dench? are you doing dench? DENCH! LEAVE IT YEAH! BALLABRIGGS
    yeah mate no worrys sent dan a big mates playing at cafe 1001 too, but on the 4th...with dj ashatack.....but yeah ill pop down...i dont live too far from there either.

    Sat 2nd June @ juno shoredicth

    line up:

    0700-0800 danwell - 0pen mic
    0800-0900 DJ uzi - mc bulldogg
    0900-1000 mish mash b2b variation - mc doctyn
    1000-1100 dubsta b2b andone - mc rush / mc g-flex
    1100-1200 philbee b2b robbie hyper - open mic
    1200-0100 "ASH A TAK" - mc rinsa
    0100-0200 knetic b2b vyper - mc kosovo / vandle

    please make sure your there half hour before you set times.
    Sets subject to changes.
    Ez Sam,

    Can I get any flyers over to you? Don't think Vitty and Millzy have got any more. I can drive some over one evening if you're about...
    nah man i got tickets so its cool, cheers though
    yeah im good man, buzzin for seone, wana go for smoke after? im coming down with 5 other mates and got half an ounce so join us after if you can.
    such a raw line up do you know who the MC's are who are emseein over netsky and brookes bros?

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