Will Rajan
Dec 11, 2020
Easy guys

Advertisements thread seems to be down, so I'm putting this in here, if that's not ok feel free to delete. Just put an album of stuff out up for free (or pay what you like) on bandcamp. Would love to hear a few thoughts from you lot if anyone gets the time to flick through!

Just as a quick explanation, the idea of it was to make a set of tracks that genuinely flow into each other, so in most cases there's not an obvious dividing point between tracks - if you download it from bandcamp there's a bonus track of the whole thing continuously which is probs the best way to listen. It's sort of a little progressive rock influenced I guess, but still very much dnb, lots of 808s, chopped up breaks and beats and long washy breakdowns. Cheers all!

TransitionsArtworkFINAL compressed.jpg
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