Wardown - isolatedmix 119 (Sept 2022)


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Jun 6, 2008
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astrangelyisolatedplace said:
Not many producers can create new aliases after 10+ years and still manage to drop something completely unexpected and refreshing.

Peter Rogers’ Wardown project did just that in 2020, debuted on the respected Blu Mar Ten label, the self-titled album found admirers from a cross-section of music styles; spanning Jungle, Drum’n Bass and a strong atmospheric element. Wardown / Wardown was consequently one of my most played and admired albums of the year (finding a sweet spot in my Reflection on 2020 mix of course). I found it near impossible to stop the album once it started, as it flowed easily between stories, styles, and sentimental reflection.

Peter is now set to drop his second album under the Wardown alias, simply titled Wardown II, but those who absorbed the nostalgia from his first, will undoubtedly be confident that despite its modest title, the conceptual approach is as strong as ever, and the music will once again be left to do the storytelling.

Continuing with this brilliant reflective approach from the first album, Wardown II can be considered another vivid capture of one of Peter’s undoubtedly many memories he has begun to create with this alias. And just like his productions, his isolatedmix is a natural extension of this approach. As is the case with many producers in this genre, DJ’ing is integral to the culture, so it’s of no surprise for us to be treated to a little bit of a masterclass with this latest installment…

01. Soft Robot ‘Point Nemo’
02. Kerguelen ‘Proxemics’
03. Sycamore Investments ‘Cherry Bomb’
04. Wardown ‘Stimulus Progression Pattern’
05. LTJ Bukem ‘Rainfall’
06. Offthesky ‘Insofar, In So Far’
07. Freedive ‘Watering A Flower On The Moon’
08. Photek ‘Complex’
09. Ki One ‘Life At The End Of The World’
10. Micronation ’Photographs of Clouds’
11. Wardown ‘The Ideal City’
12. Advanced Sound & Vision ‘The Engineered Yes’
13. Wardown ‘Lifespan’
14. Fisher Associates ‘Scorched Earth’
15. Wardown ‘Graphite and Glitter’
16. The Architex ‘Altitude’
17. Creative Innovations Inc. ‘Stone Tape Theory’
18. r beny ‘Eistla’
19. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma ‘Song Of Forgiveness Pt. 1’

Perfect early morning vibe
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