Rare DNB Records Thread


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Sep 3, 2008
If you know any rare / limited edition records (drum'n'bass only please) post them here

Im quite a collector so Im interested in seeing what some people are gonna post here

Your allowed of course to post picture discs
Logical Progression Vol.1

Want this so badly, but the vinyl prices are (rightly so) very steep. Gonna get the CD sooner or later though...
i have an old Omni Trio LP on Moving Shadow that was limited to 5000 copies


Any of Exit's Aptitude series (highly collectable) They are limited release to 1000 copies, printed on coloured vinyl, and custom artwork sleeved, also included a poster or stickers so far.


Bootlegs like:
Layo & Bushwaka - Love Story (unkown artist)
Gill Scott's - G Spot (unkown artist)
Jaheim - Put Your Women First (calibre mixes)

These are always worth big bucks
That tibetan mist tune makes me want to fucking die.

Yeah it's not really that good man just coz there's lack of vinyls about doesn't make the tune any better lol It's okay but nothing special really imo

To add to the list though ...

Rufige Kru - Is This Real / Is This Real (I'm Not Sure - Commix Remix)

Only 1000 of these were pressed, and I'm still trying to track one down that somebody will sell to me for less than a ridiculous price

I know there's gota be somebody out there who doesn't even like it / play it much, I would give it a much better home :)
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