Nu Dawn 5 EP [NVR095: MidKnighT MooN | Numeric Space | Shotik | Vosko | Allumino]


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Jan 19, 2012
Essex / Suffolk, UK

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► Nu Dawn 5 EP [NVR095: OUT NOW!]:

► NVR095 Tracklisting:
(A) Numeric Space - Capture The Moment
(B) MidKnighT MooN - Ecstasy
(C) Shotik - Freedom
(D) Vosko Feat. Raluca Stan - It Is Cosmic
(E) Allumino - Melancholy

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(A) Numeric Space - Capture The Moment:
To open the EP Nu Venture Records welcome a new release artist in Russian producer Numeric Space, with his beautifully serene Liquid Drum & Bass track, Capture The Moment. Based on a string orchestra, emotional female vocals and a self recorded guitar that showcases the diverse range of this musician / producer. Deep bass and confident broken drums then combine to immerse you in the mysterious nature of the track and that will also allow you to Capture The Moment.

(B) MidKnighT MooN - Ecstasy:
MidKnighT MooN returns for his 3rd separate NVR release of 2021 to date, with his latest production Ecstasy. As the name alludes to, this is a feel good care free track, reminiscent of his Music Got Me EP from earlier in the year. Continuing in his trademark Liquid style, MidKnighT MooN creates a track designed to make people feel the ecstasy through their skin, mimicking the experience of taking a drug for the first time. With delicate but enticing piano notes, dreamy pads, deep and warming bass alongside intelligently arranged vocal enhancements, this is a track that takes you on a truly idyllic journey.

(C) Shotik - Freedom:
Shotik is no stranger to NVR with a number of previous collaborations with fellow Brazilian producer J Brown. This time taking on a solo production, Shotik's track Freedom is somewhat smoother in style than his previous releases on the label, as he provides some Brazilian Liquid Drum & Bass flavours for his debut appearance on the Nu Dawn series. Opening with soothing strings and nostalgic drums followed by a soulful vocal just before the drop. The main chopped string loop is then introduced, along with additional harmonic pads and impact creating rolling bass variations, to give this track its summer like feel good vibes. Watch out for a remix of Freedom coming in 2022.

(D) Vosko Feat. Raluca Stan - It Is Cosmic:
Italian producer Vosko joins the Nu Venture Records artist roster with his track It Is Cosmic. A vocal collaboration with Singer/Song Writer Raluca Stan, composed with the intention of embracing every moment in the here and now, whilst allowing nature to take its course. A fitting collaborative project with the beautiful voice of Raluca Stan, impressively able to convey the concept of the track in order to emphasise its abstract and transcendental credentials, in contrast to the deep driving bass line present throughout

(E) Allumino - Melancholy:
Ukrainian producer Allumino makes his second appearance on the label by contributing his track Melancholy to the EP. As the title suggests this is sombre composition whilst also managing to be magical and inspirational as you traverse the full cycle of emotions. An experience created through the use of tribal European woodwind sounds, subtle electro guitar and piano melodies to produce an elevated atmospheric feel. Emotional strings add to the sense of sorrow, only to be uplifted once again by the enchanting pads, enveloping basslines and the orchestral complexion of this Drum & Bass track.

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