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  • if you are really you, the mix you did called "thin red line" i believe was the name if it anyways- is the shit. <3
    yo, what was that tune u wanted from me about 6 months ago? something from Nick of Evol Intent? i think i found it, some amen smasher with sped up vox. The artist i have it marked as is Anon
    yeah sound mate

    fixed my laptop but all the samples and files are all over the place on different memory sticks & cds for backups, so don't have a real version of hidden agenda, but look forward to hearing you take on it, and deffo up for having a crack on one of your tunes.

    take it easy mate
    Sorry took so long to respond! I didn't know to check my profile/visitor page thing.
    I'm from Kitchener, ON! Good to hear from another Canadian. Doing big things for canadian drum n bass. Big ups
    hey mate, good to see you still kckin around here too


    You know, when things get all hot and stupid in the waffle section, I'll be there.
    Easy mate, come over and check out Disfunktional Radio. we have loads of live shows - 50 hours every week of top talent playing most genres of music, we are also in the process of signing up a couple of INTERNATIONAL Djs from both America and Japan, meaning there will be live shows 24 hours a day. there is lots of DnB on the radio station, many of the djs being regular posters on this site (Controller, Kemzino , Wellsy (DJ MASHley) , Perspective , Nuttynyce , Nick Ep)........... Please sign upto our forums too and get to know some of the djs, signing up will also unlock the mixes archive for you so you can DL mixes and also upload your own for feedback. When you listen into live shows, be sure to come in the chat room for requests / shoutouts from the DJ.

    same here man not since 03 but i been on a off for a while now. this is far superior to any other forum ive been on, some great peeps, an great talent! safe for the heads up!
    nice one mate i hear ya hehe all good! its been a few days, i had to vent! but u are right, allow the breeze! lol
    yo yo yo!! Brand new mix set up on the forum!!

    The Mutant DJs with MCs Gusto & Rafta!!! recorded live on Force FM 106.5


    Absolutly firing set!!

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