DJ Crystl - Crystlized / Crystlize (2021 Remaster) - 12" vinyl - OUT NOW

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Sep 8, 2011
Hardcore Junglism and DJ Crystl are very proud to announce that due to popular demand we now have available another DJ Crystl vinyl release available exclusively via the Hardcore Junglism website.

Following up from our first ever vinyl release which sold out in 12 hours of release we thought it was about time to start work on the next one despite the challenges the pandemic presented us. With a few understandable delays on the way we are now happy to announce that we have partnered with a UK company which will enable us to increase the amount of vinyl to be pressed and delivered quickly, so it is now full steam ahead with vinyl releases from here on in.

The next release in the series see‘s us revisit Dj Crystls‘ seminal track "Crystlize", with not only a remastered version of the original but also a very rare remix that was only released on a compilation project in 1995 under the title of "Crystlized". As a compilation only release it was actually the third track on a side of vinyl, so this is the first time it‘s been made available cut onto a whole side of vinyl in all its glory.

HJ002A – Dj Crystl – Crystlized
HJ002AA – DJ Crystl – Crystlize (2021 Remaster)

As before, we have two packages available to buy which are the standard 12" vinyl on its own OR a VIP pack which contains the 12" vinyl, a custom printed, hand signed and numbered "Crystlized" artwork and two "Crystl" stickers. The custom prints are printed on slightly oversized A4 card to enable framing and have been individually numbered and signed by DJ Crystl himself.

We also have two extra VIP artworks that DJ Crystl has custom finished with spray paint and are limited to just two in existence. These are both available to purchase separately via the site right now.

Artwork for the release was once again hand drawn by DJ Crystl himself.

Anyone purchasing the vinyl will get the digital files for free when you purchase.

To stop any issues with the website getting overloaded we are not running pre-orders and the release is live on our site now, in stock and ready to ship.

When the first batch sells out we will be repressing and this will be stated on the order page so please note that if it says that it is a "re-press pre-order item" on the product page then the first batch has sold out and you can purchase one of the represses which will be shipped at some point after the estimated shipping date stated on the product listing.

There will not be any more of the VIP bundle available after the first batch is sold.

Limited to two per person – this is per catalogue so you can buy one normal and one VIP or two normal or two VIP but not two of each version.

Due to a change up in pressing plants from our first release we have also made the move from DMM to Laquer cut vinyl and had the job undertaken by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering who mastered and cut the vinyl and supplied the digital files which are also available on the site to purchase.

Buy the VIP bundle here :

Buy the standard vinyl here:

Buy limited edition artwork:

And did you hear that by listening to a copy of the record or just from the crap that a certain bunch of people who dont like Hardcore Junglism and didnt buy a copy were spouting?
Well said. Nice one for getting these tracks back out there.
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