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Aug 22, 2017

I have a question about you: Is it easier to mix neurofunk, jump up or liquid drum and bass?

For me, I think neurofunk, jump up. With neurofunk, you can play more and afford mistakes during mixing, playing a set...

I like liquid drum and bass, but recently I tried to make a set of neurofunk, jump up, and it was pretty easy for me.

Shameless self promo.

The question is meant seriously. I did not mix any neurofunk set in a past, and because I mixed the neurofunk, jump up set mentioned here for the first time, it comes to me that mixing a neurofunk tracks is simple in contrast to liquid drum and bass tracks.

I tried another set, and mixing was for me as simple as my test neurofunk set. I do not want to mix a neurofunk set, I just tried it, and I found that mixing neurofunk tracks is easier than I thought.

The fact that I put my sets here is FOR EXAMPLE, that while I mixed the neurofunk set for the first time, the mixing was very simple for me in the contrast to those more or less liqud drum and bass sets mentioned here.

I'm still a beginner, so I'm interested.
Maybe get a better response in here...

The mentioned forum is for sharing members sets...

I do not want to share my sets :p :D I would like to hear the opinion on what is easier to mix, neurofunk or a liquid drum and bass tracks?

According to myself, I judge others. Czech proverb.

If I wanted to share my sets, I would say directly that if you are interested.

Otherwise Detached Audio, on your soundcloud there are good drum and bass tracks.

And among other things, I started mixing drum and bass because I wanted to listen to what I really like. I love liquid drum and bass, and this has led me to mix drum and bass tracks into sets that I really want to hear. So my mix was a little selfish, but then I thought I'd share. Mixing drum and bass is my hobby, and I do not plan to do it professionally. I love my job as a social worker, and I do not have much time to mix drum and bass :)

....but the opinions of whether it's easier to mix neurofunk or liquid drum and bass tracks are nowhere... It solves here the stupidity for self-propagation, rather than some good opinion on the my above-mentioned question. ;)
your talking about mixes, im talking about releases. when i click this section i just prefer to see releases. All im saying :scot:
:D I've known drum and bass for more than fifteen years :p ;) But I only started with my own production recently. In the past, I mixed a free tekno sets. So, if someone makes a smart man here, he should give a good answer to my question here on the forum. The real person would answer :)
:D Also, my cup of coffee is not a neurofunk. In the Czech Republic, neurofunk and jump up are the drum and bass styles number one. I like mainly liquid drum and bass.
the question is is what do you like to mix?
the answer is what you should mix
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