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  1. W

    Drum & Bass 26.10 ► DRUM&BASS «EMPIRE» ► «HALLOWEEN»

    DF PROMO и UNIQUE EVENT, при поддержке TIME OF NIGHT , GMB PROMO и CRAZYCRAFT, представляют: Вечеринку с самой разнообразной андеграундной электронной музыкой DRUM&BASS «EMPIRE» @ HALLOWEEN! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Любимая электронная музыка, световое и лазерное шоу и отличное настроение на...
  2. G

    Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Groove Mind Remix) [Free Download]

    Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Groove Mind Remix) [Free Download] Cheers!
  3. Large Marge

    Large Marge - Jump Up (Jan-June 18)

    blast this in your combine harvesters m7s Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket - Xcellerate Tomoyoshi - Mad Jazz Jinx & The Force - Dirty South Kenji - I Would Flat T - Madhouse Damage Report - Current Bun Hoogs - Final Breath Ego Trippin - Chase The Dragon Oz - Vampire T>I - Toe Punt Twisted Individual...
  4. Alex Archer

    Alekay & Naughty Bitz - Living Sound (EP Promo Mix)

    Hey guys! I want to share the new Alekay & Naughty Bitz mix "Living Sound". We recorded this mix to promote our forthcoming EP on Liquid Drops that we just wrapped up! Please enjoy! Listen here ->>>> Alekay & Naughty Bitz - Living Sound (EP Promo Mix) <<<<-- Listen here
  5. P!ker

    DJ Piker - Rollin'Out! Mixes

    Hey guys, Haven't posted on here in years. But now im back recording mixes :) Just posting a link to my Rollin' Out! mixes, which are just me rolling out Drum & Bass of many styles, whatever tunes take my liking, might be Deep, Jungle, Jump Up, Neuro. Usually recorded when i'm in an inebriated...
  6. muziklova09

    Drum & Bass Phobik - S-Paradise

    Enjoy! Tracklisting: ---------------- 01-Post Malone - Rockstar (Sidejobz' Filth Remix) [DUBPLATE!] 02-Stompz & Subsonic - Unjustified [Digital Terror] 03-Ultrah - Xhale [Biological Beats] 04-Sub Zero & DJ Limited - Vibrations [Playaz] 05-Heist - Termination VIP [Phantom Dub Digital]...
  7. DeeGun

    Slum Dogz - High Octane - KMag Guest Mix

    Tracklisting 1. Slum Dogz - Bad 2. DJ Swan-E, Motion & Dope Ammo - Baby It's Clear (Jaydan remix) 3. Slum Dogz - The Fire 4. Zed Bias - Neighbourhood (Slum Dogz remix) 5. Picto - Automaton 6. Swan-E + Picto - Give Me More 7. Warning (D Minds remix) 8. Slum Dogz - Keep The Place Hoppin 9. Kre -...
  8. Konfliqtdnb

    Drum & Bass Mixtapes, DJ Contests & Special guestmixes

    Sooo, hi everybody reading this! My name is Jef, I'm 20y/o Belgium based Spinning Drum & Bass (especially Jump up dnb) for about a year and 4 months DJ name: Konfliqt I just sorted out all my mixes in playlists on my Soundcloud page (link at the bottom of this thread) And from my own...
  9. muziklova09

    Drum & Bass Phobik - Live! on Pure Truth Radio - Guest Mix

    Drum & Bass / Jungle mix set, recorded live! on Ravers United Mixshow on Pure Truth Radio...Enjoy! Tracklisting: ---------------- 00-Sopheye Intro 01-Layo & Bushwacka - Love Story (Drum & Bass Remix) [White Label - 2003] 02-Aquasky - Blow Your Mind [2003] 03-Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket - Jazz...
  10. Ravingreligion

    The Raving Religion Podcast 40 - Noisy Antics

    Stepping up next on mix duties for the 40th instalment of our podcast series is Bristol's Noisy Antics, representing The Ranch and Riganomix collectives. Bringing an aggressive mixing style and a varied tune selection with something for everyone, this active young DJ and aspiring producer is...
  11. D

    Drum & Bass jump up tune out now on juno

    any constructive criticism welcome
  12. H

    Drum & Bass Turno & Messy MC - Sick Set!

    Thought id share it with you guys
  13. MYKEY B (DJ/Producer)


    Yooo! Here is a free jump up dnb track of myself, Enjoy MYKEY B
  14. DeeGun

    Co-Lab Recordings Podcast hosted by Benny Colab - 001 - Feb 2018

    01. Oz - Stay 02. Chung - Bittersweet 03. Flaco - Persuasion 04. Andrezz - Something Out There 05. Aries & Random Movement - Sundays 06. Limited - Constellation 07. Kings Of The Rollers - Burnt Ends 08. Flaco - Logic 09. Oz - Not There 10. T>I - Mechanical Grip 11. T>I - Toe Punt 12. T>I...
  15. DeeGun

    Lymitless & Stormin @ Blueprint Easter Bonanza - 27.3.2016, Fixxion Warehouse, Wolverhampton

  16. DeeGun

    DJ Vengeance - Foundation Label Mix

  17. B


    Heres a link to my next hype mix, you can find the link to my radio show on sub frequency where you can catch me at 2-4 every sunday.