liquid dnb

  1. Optimal Prime

    Drum & Bass Optimal Prime Presents - Dub Cutz Vol 22

    It's that time again where we carve a journey through the depths of liquid, deep, edgy and generally a full spectrum of sounds in the world of drum & bass. Dub Cutz Vol 22 will hopefully deliver your bassy needs for the next couple of months, whether you love cruising along the highway while...
  2. P

    Fresh Liquid DnB - Would u change something?

    Hey guys, My track Danube Flow has been launched nearly a year ago. As it gained much popularity (13k plays) the next step is to upload it on Spotify via my label. Now, I want to make a better updated version and just want to ask for help what I can do better. What do you like and what don't. I...
  3. Alex Archer

    Free Atmospheric DnB - Alekay - Warmer (Original Mix)

    It's cold outside, I need to be Warmer. Free Atmospheric Drum & Bass - I want to thank everyone for supporting my latest release on Liquid Drops and all my music along the way - Please enjoy this tune!

    Drum & Bass TTEK - Hyperborean EP - Liquid DnB Release

    Earthquake Recordings brings you HYPERBOREAN, TTEK`s first liquid DnB 5 track EP. Available to stream and as digital download: Spotify: Amazon: iTunes:
  5. djpsyche

    Drum & Bass Psyche - Deeper Soul Level DnB Vinyl Mix - Vol. 2

    1. Goldfinger by Laroque 2. Come To Play (Need For Mirrors & HLZ VIP) by Seven feat. Alys Be 3. Show 'Em What You Got by Influx UK 4. Only You by Digital 5. Remember Tullum by Atlantic Connection 6. My Love by Digital & Spirit 7. Capital Connection by Infectious 8. Just A Vision (Calibre...
  6. Leniz

    Drum & Bass Leniz - Encouragement/Peace of mind [FREE]

    Hey guys! 2 tunes available for free download on Soul Lab Kinda outdated but still worth releasing! Enjoy :)
  7. Leniz

    Drum & Bass Leniz - Bassment Talent Night Contest Entry

    So here is a mix for a DJ Contest I did :) Tracklist: 1. Edlan - Horizon 2. High Contrast - Brief Encounter 3. Dave Owen, Jaybee, Zere - Ask Them 4. Break - Duck For Cover 5. Artificial Intelligence - What You Had (Lenzman Remix) 6. Tokyo Prose & Phil Tangent - Parity 7. Nemy & Ob:verse...
  8. Rupiruppsen

    Drum & Bass Rupiruppsen - Male Tears 2

    00:00 The Upbeats - Say Go (Memtrix Remix) 04:49 Dimension - Black Church (Gimmicks Organ Edit) 08:42 High Maintenance - Collide (ft. Cavalier) 12:30 Whiney - Never Too Long (ft. Keeno) 17:04 GLXY - Proposition (ft. James Robb) 21:30 GLXY - Mind Less (ft. Blake) 25:53 Ownglow x Mitekiss - Take...
  9. M

    YOU, THE MORNING AFTER -- sounding good enough?

    salve seniori! this is my latest creation ... I was planning to do a less sophisticated song with plain vocals .. also worked on drums totally different this time as I had some problems in drum clarity after the summer. my old problem is that tracks in my DAW sound much better compared to...
  10. Leniz

    Drum & Bass Simple Minded (WIP)

    Hey guys, The tune resembles the old Logistics stuff such as Reality Checkpoint drumwise and resembles Koncept - Your Eyes tune wise. Maybe I'll change the bass as it isnt strong enough in my opinion. Also the melodic elements like the piano could be louder. But I dont know. Wanted a second...
  11. D

    Drum & Bass DJ Shede - Liquid Magic Mix 2017

    DJ Shede presents Liquid Magic Mix... over an hour long journey through ethereal, omnipresent liquid soundscapes. Ready to fill your NOW with crispy melodies and fluffy vibes with a soft but deep touch of magic! Enjoy :) Tracklist 01.Conduct - Katiisan 02.Whiney - Portal 03.Need For Mirrors -...
  12. Leniz

    Drum & Bass Unfolding Lies (WIP)

    New tune! Comment want you think :D
  13. Sidney SN

    Autumn 2017 Mix

    Hi/Hello, Autumn 2017 Liquid Drum and Bass Set is my third drum and bass set. In the set there are tracks that are classic liquid drum and bass, such as Be True by Commix or Tell Me by Tokyo Prose, but also tracks less known as Faces (VIP) by Linear or Empath by Keeno. See, Sidney SN
  14. M

    AUTUM ROLLER -- rolling well?

    elo! how does this one sound? any good? I think it's one if not THE best I've done in years ... :D track link -- AUTUMN ROLLER - SEPT20 track link - AUTUMN ROLLER (version 22/9) guys, I had another try on the master ... have I gone too far, does the track sound too quiet / too compress now...
  15. Leniz

    Drum & Bass Funky Bit

    Hey guys! Wanted some feedback on this tune Its funky track with flute's ,guitars & Piano ;) Im not sure about the first guitar bit (not the bass) and the vocal. And ofcourse would like some feedback on the mixdown especially leveling :)
  16. Leniz

    Drum & Bass Our Last Moment (WIP) (Newest Version) Hey everyone. Just wanted some feedback on this tune :) Also feedback on the mixdown is most appreciated I would also like to know what you think of the tune in general :)
  17. M

    Maschini is back ... 'WE KEEP GOING'

    ez gyush! took a bit of a break touring europe mainland with my family 4 weeks in the summer. now back to tokyo and preparing for several trips in autumn to vietnam, korea etc. so, not much studio time these days but I was able to squeeze out this little roller here last weekend ... looking...
  18. Leniz

    Drum & Bass Stay Fly (Ft. True) [Free DL]

    Hey guys made this tune for fun! Its free to download :) Let me know your thoughts on this one :D
  19. Sidney SN

    Is it easier to mix..

    Hi/Hello, I have a question about you: Is it easier to mix neurofunk, jump up or liquid drum and bass? For me, I think neurofunk, jump up. With neurofunk, you can play more and afford mistakes during mixing, playing a set... I like liquid drum and bass, but recently I tried to make a set of...