1. B

    Can someone help me ID two tracks.

    The first link is a neurofunk mix from Redpill. The track I've been trying to ID starts at 6:05 into the mix and its after Mefjus - if i could. I'm pretty certain its not unreleased as I've heard mulitiple artists play it live. Please help This second link is to a live recording from Optiv...
  2. blackphil

    Drum & Bass New Tune 'Predators' DnB

    Hi just posting my latest tune. Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I did making it. Cheers.
  3. Alex Archer

    Alekay & Naughty Bitz - Living Sound (EP Promo Mix)

    Hey guys! I want to share the new Alekay & Naughty Bitz mix "Living Sound". We recorded this mix to promote our forthcoming EP on Liquid Drops that we just wrapped up! Please enjoy! Listen here ->>>> Alekay & Naughty Bitz - Living Sound (EP Promo Mix) <<<<-- Listen here
  4. Dr Woe

    Drum & Bass Dr Woe presents - The Rolling Woe Show vol. 17!

    Dr Woe presents - The Rolling Woe Show vol. 17! The New Rolling Woe Show is rolling into your area! This time i start with a little deeper Drum & Bass selection to end up in my favorite heavy Neurofunk tunes out of the last months. 104 minutes of pure Drum & Bass mixed on two Technics 1210 MK2...
  5. A

    Twin Peaks Neurofunk Remix (Promo Clip)

    Lil' promo clip for my remix of Laura's Theme from Twin Peaks, currently looking for a label. Shouts to Fanu on the master.
  6. Gerbil

    Drum & Bass Cause4Concern - live in Torquay - 21.04.2018

    Hi, everyone we have been working really hard for the past 4 months to bring this event to you. If you live local or fancy a small bit of travelling Cause4Concern is coming to the Bay. Not only can you take in the wonderful scenery that is all around Torquay and surrounding area's you can finish...
  7. TCB666

    Drum & Bass A Weekly Drum & Bass Mix Session 22: Neurofunk Edition Mixed By Bus Bee

    Listen to these awesome neurofunk tracks by some awesome producers at my latest brand new weekly drum & bass mix on Mixcloud. The setlist of it is commented below as well as a link to download this mix for FREE at Enjoy! :D Katharsys - Destruction Pythius - Haymaker Current Value...
  8. bulletstorm

    Bulletstorm - One Last Time (Neuro-ish dnb)

    Hi Everyone, I made a new track by cutting up some old basslines I made and using some bass shot samples. Layered them to create something new. I tried to make a tune where the bass is sort of in a stop-and-go vibe instead of being continuous. please let me know what you think of it, and...
  9. Hash'N'Tag

    Drum & Bass Radio Logist - Dr Tanchev #firstdnbprod (need real constructive feedback please)

    Hello guys, This is my very first DnB production (been doing other genres before but now dnb is my 'one and only' <3 ). I'm kinda proud of it, so much that I've sent it to little labels, and 2 of them asked me in return to send them all of my future prods (which is WOW :O ). But I haven't...
  10. muziklova09

    Drum & Bass Phobik - Paint A Picture Into Sound

    Download link: Playlist: 00-Intro - Sopheye 01-OmenUK - Concept. [DUBPLATE - Unmastered & Unreleased!] 02-Audio - Fizziks [Blackout Music NL] 03-Redpill & Fragz - Transform [Eatbrain] 04-Mean Teeth - Convulation [Kill...
  11. mph dnb

    Drum & Bass Contest tune

    Hi, I want to share with you my recent DnB production that i made on the polish DnB contest. I will appreciate any feedback. If u want to help me win this contest just "like" the link below. Peace!
  12. Unknown Audio

    Drum & Bass Free sample pack

    Jah bless! Just wanted to let you know I have a free sample pack to give away. It contains over 300 high quality wav and aiff audio files. Everything from punchy drum samples, twisting bass noizez, fx, atmospherics, transition fx, glitchy stuff - mainly aimed at dnb and neurofunk production...
  13. D


    Starting to actually post regular mixes - all feedback would be well appreciated on how I can improve as a DJ. I'd love to know what you think!
  14. Future Science DnB

    Drum & Bass Future Science DnB Releases - Forthcoming

    Yes people! Check out all the Future Science DnB releases - Forthcoming news updates here as well! CLICK TO CHOOSE YOUR PLAYER
  15. Double U

    Drum & Bass Heavy Neurofunk Mix 2017 - Free Download

    Hey folks! It's time again for a new mix! As always with 3 decks and high pace. I tried to keep the energy level up, therefor I played drop after drop. Focus on Neurofunk, most of the tracks are kinda new. Tracklist: Kursiva & Impak - Transpose Disphonia - All Ears ft. Kryptomedic Hanzo...
  16. eastformsdnb

    Drum & Bass Eurythmia Episode 01 by Kruze // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass HearThisAt Telegram Careful selection of artisan beats and bass lines - Eurythmia Episode 01 by Kruze // EAST...
  17. Dumpster

    Drum & Bass Feedback n00ne?

    N0 nudes t0night! But if y0u're kind en0ugh t0 give feedback i'll think ab0ut it in the future!
  18. Dumpster

    Friday the 13th free d0wnl0ad bitch.

    What the title says...0pini0ns 0n my music are als0 welc0me!
  19. Dumpster

    Drum & Bass Very talkative forum ! Innit?

    Let me know what's up forum!