1. F

    DnB FinnHawk - First Flight (April 2005)

    I always meant to post this mix I made in 2005 that I'm really proud of. I'm really happy with the mixing and the flow. After the first track, there's some jump up style party tunes, eventually followed by some tech-step... 1. Freestylers - Boom Blast (John B Remix) 2. Salmonella Dub - Nu...
  2. Puchta DNB

    Puchta DNB - Mixset/Podcast - DJ BDP - Drum & Bass Techstep Neurofunk

    Puchta Mixset/Podcast Drum & Bass Techstep Neurofunk
  3. Sidney SN

    Autumn 2017 Mix

    Hi/Hello, Autumn 2017 Liquid Drum and Bass Set is my third drum and bass set. In the set there are tracks that are classic liquid drum and bass, such as Be True by Commix or Tell Me by Tokyo Prose, but also tracks less known as Faces (VIP) by Linear or Empath by Keeno. See, Sidney SN
  4. Sidney SN

    Is it easier to mix..

    Hi/Hello, I have a question about you: Is it easier to mix neurofunk, jump up or liquid drum and bass? For me, I think neurofunk, jump up. With neurofunk, you can play more and afford mistakes during mixing, playing a set... I like liquid drum and bass, but recently I tried to make a set of...
  5. WastedUniverse[wu]

    DnB Wasted Universe [wu] mixsets [0024 MIX & VIDEO out]

    FACEBOOK: VK: MIXCLOUD: YOUTUBE: what dnb overdose looks and feels like
  6. R

    DnB Please rate the set

    Hello, I'm starting with the sets and uploading them to YouTube, you can tell me if you see any faults or anything. I thank you. Give it to like if like a greeting link::: thank you for you time.
  7. D

    Looking for some sets!

    I'm looking for Clash of the titans 2007, mainly the DJ Fresh set but wouldn't say no to the other, anyone got these?
  8. Monogone

    DnB Monogone x BIFOR - Open Air & Tent Party | Summer Liquid & Jungle Is Massive

    Hi! Here is my summer mix on little stage promoted by RedBull at first edition of small Poland/Łódź festival called BIFOR. Feedback welcome :) Tracklist: 1. Sceptix & Grey - Stay Alive (Fatkids Remix) 2. Thomas Hood - Tell Me 3. Tokyo Prose - Fragmented You (ft. Milton) 4. Carlo EQ - Everyday...
  9. M


    Yo, just check my newest mix I've uploaded on youtube. It contains only heavy tunes :devil: I also put free download link in the description of video if you want to get this one You can also visit my soundcloud profile if you like my work
  10. King Chuga

    DnB The Jungle / Drum & Bass Show with King Chuga May 28th 2016

    The Jungle / Drum & Bass Show with King Chuga broadcast live on May 28th 2016 This week I rolled out a few liquid classics along with some personal favs from the last few years. Chatroom was buzzing, shout to everyone that locked in for the live show: 1. Point 7 - Legacy 2. Scan...
  11. D

    Clash of the Titans 2007.

    Does anyone have the CD packs? Literally just want the DJ Fresh set off of CD pack 1.
  12. Frizzi

    DnB Frizzi - DNB Mix

    What you guys think?
  13. King Chuga

    King Chuga In Session - Live Radio Mix

    King Chuga in session broadcast Sat 23rd Jan 2016 on Lazer Fm 1 hour mix of the finest Drum & Bass/Jungle mixed 100% live using 2 CDJ1000's and a mixer: 1. Alright - Funky Technicians (Total Science Remix) 2. Strange Planet - AKA & Payback 3. The Wurley Tune - Commix 4. Pushin Your Luck -...
  14. Flaction


    Redemption by Flax 1.No Cure feat Ryme Tyme - Ed Rush & Optical (Virus) 2. Unconscious - State of mind, Black sun empire (Blackout NL) 3. Conditioning - Current Value (Bad Taste) 4. What R U Doing Feat Ragga Twins (Trei Rmx) - North Base, ISVK (Viper) 5.Pulsation - Mefjus, InsideInfo (RAM) 6...
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