Does anyone have any nice liquid sets?


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Sep 5, 2008
Mate mate mate......try this for size, its a grower, been rinsing it on my way to work in the car for about a week or so, been digested, scrutinised and spat out my other end.....tastes good mate :) Enjoy you wont be dissapointed

Aaron Jay Podcast #1

Furney This is that has to be one of the best 'Liquid' Tunes i have heard all year ( 2008 ) fucking right spine tingler......tell us what you recon


ANT TC1 & Survival.........good selection of Liquid tunes + a bit darker with Survivals mix on the end for the last 45 mins, some right bad beats on there

Try Zero T, AI and Mosus off this thread too, if you can hack Mosus's bad mixing there are some different tunes on there, i think i ould say showcasing a different direction in DnB that is emerging at the end of last year, and AI + Zero T with a good selection of rollers

And on more for luck, Doc Scott from Gamafunkular.....MC Bugs a bit but i listen to the tunes not the MC :) enjoy dude.........ive listened to this lot over and over on my long drives.....highly recomended
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Aug 3, 2006
If you have luck tracking down:
Unknown Error - Liquid Sessions 5-12-05.mp3 (personal fav)


Redeyes, Marcus Intalex, Zero T, Survival, Calibre, Makoto.. the list goes on!

Hope you're all having a great start to the new year.

May be able to re-up those sets soon. 8)


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Feb 20, 2007
also peops looking for liquid tunes coz i wanna do a fat mix! tunes iv already got take me away, if we ever, in love, hurt you!! tunes sounding like them if ya know wat i mean!! lol need loads!! safe!! also with women samples!


May 21, 2007
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This mix is a classic in my book...

Alix Perez - 1xtra M1X Show (09/2006)


Please visit


01. D bridge Vs Dwele - Booty - White
02. Alix Perez - Sorrow - Shogun
03. Calibre + Zero Tolerance - Miss Behavin - Dub
04. Random Movement - The Things You do - Dub
05. Icicle + Switch - These Golden Days - Dub
06. Alix Perez + Spectrasouls - World On a String - Dub
07. Mutt - Sample Rock - Dub
08. Alix Perez + Fats - Down The Line - Shogun
09. Calibre - Like It Is - Innerground
10. Mos Def - Panties Bootleg - White
11. Icicle - Strangest Feeling - Dub
12. Alix Perez - Crown City - Innerground
13. Mutt - Hot Lick Squeeze - Creative Source
14. Atlantic Connection - Situations - Dispatch
15. Alix Perez + Sabre - Solitary Native - Shogun Ltd
16. Zero Tolerance + Mentality - Henderson’s Wife - Bassbin
17. Cray Cray’s - Fat Freddy’s Drop (AI Remix) - Kartel Music
18. Eveson - High Grade - Progress
19. Break + Survival - Cronk - Aplitude Series Exit
20. Conrad + Furney - Drum Toolz - Glo
21. Lynx + Malibu Rhodes - Mariachi - Bassbin
22. Do the Math - Ain’t No Home - Dub
23. Alix Perez + Zero Tolerance - Anyone But You - Dub
24. Nu Tone - Missing Link - Nhs
25. Lomax + Focus - 5 Weeks - Dub
26. Alix Perez - Inner Blues - Dub
27. Sabre - Love is Gone - Osiris Music
28. D Bridge - Kismet - Shogun
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