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  • Does it just pop up a load of shitty advertisement pop ups!? Have been getting that recently but somehow battled through it the other day lol.. Tried uploading to another site but literally nothing else is working for me!
    >>Atlantis - Moving Fusion
    Pack of wolves - Nightbreed (Pendulum Remix)
    >>Get out Clause - Xample
    Airplane - Subfocus
    >>Citizan Kane - Subfocus
    Judgement - Chase & Status
    >>Valley of shadows - Origin Unknown
    Reality (Remix) - Moving Fusion
    >>Hush Hush - Shimon
    Collosus - Fresh
    >>Cause & Effect - Concept
    >>Dumplin riddem - Chase & Status
    Music Box - Chase & Status
    >>Nightflight - Shimon & Andy C
    X-Ray - Subfocus
    Timewarp - Subfocus
    >>Body Rock - Shimon & Andy C
    Special Place - Subfocus
    >>Turbulence - Movin Fusion
    >>Systen error - Ram Trilogy
    Frozen solid - Subfocus
    >>Brainwash - Ram Trilogy
    Lazy Bones VIP - Moving Fusion
    >>Sound in motion - Origin Unknown
    Facade VIP - Noisia
    >>Iron lung - Ram Trilogy
    Franky Mountain - Icicle
    >>Big Love - Fresh
    Join the dots - Subfocus
    >>Battle ground - Moving Fusion
    The Beggining - Moving Fusion
    >>Truly one (2K Remix) - Origin Unknown
    Hurt you - Chase & Status
    >>Gridlock - Ram Trilogy
    >>Hooded - Fresh
    >>Grudge Match - Origin unknown
    Blazing jazz - Sparfunk
    >>Nows the time - Moving Fusion
    Elm street - Fresh
    >>Take me away - Chase & Status
    Juno - Subfocus
    >>Scarecrow - Subfocus
    Smoothie - Culture Shock
    >>Infamous - Xample
    Dimenstion X - Sparfunk
    >>Streetlife - Chase & Status
    Druggy - Subfocus
    >>No Reality - Ram Trilogy
    Sex Drive - Moving Fusion
    >>Skittles - Ram Triolgy
    Screamer VIP - Ram Trilogy
    yeah no prob

    Ram Packed (3 Decks)

    Signal - Fresh
    >>Chilli pepper - Moving fusion
    Peices - Chase & Status ft Plan B
    >>Recharge - Andy C & Shimon
    Swamp thing - Subfocus
    >>Huggy bear - Ram Trilogy
    Lowdown - Xample
    >>Human future - Ram trilogy
    Vice Chase - Culture Shock
    >>Beastman - Ram Trilogy
    Star Sign - Moving Fusion
    >>Flip the traps - Ram Trilogy
    Strobe - Subfocus
    >>Party people - Moving Fusion
    Mysterons - Moving fusion & Shimon
    >>Titan - Ram Trilogy
    Flamenco - Subfocus
    >>The Map - Ram Trilogy
    Switch - Fresh
    >>Milkyway - Ram Trilogy
    Smash TV - Chase & Status
    >>Quest - Shimon & Andy C
    Guy Fawks - Moving Fusion
    >>Hotness - Origin unknown ft Dynamite
    Heaven & Hell - Xample
    ez mate,

    Cheers, glad your still liking it, to be fair I think Im the only person to have done a pure burial mix lol

    Ive got next week off work so if I can get the time I'll put something together along the same lines.
    yes mate, i hope ya well!!
    i seen that u posted some of my mixes! nuff respect for that
    really glad ya feelin em
    wud luv 2 come smash up 1 of ya raves some time
    thanks again & merry xmas
    Complex- Step By Step is up on good 4 nothin after the guv bits which are promoing very shortly! Gunna be a big release!
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