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  • heloo soph. i was just trawling the forum and saw one of your posts. if your back in briz at any point gimma a pm with your number would be good to meet up for a chill.

    Don't have facebook (kinda allergic to it), but Steph has, just search for 'Stephania Bercu' on there and you'll find her I'm sure! x
    Hey Sophie, once again much thnx for the good times you gave us in Bristol, you fucking rule!! So you know it; next time in Amsterdam you're more than welcome and hope to give you a stay just as good as you did. Send my love to all the other crazies at full moon, and all love from Stephania. Would be stoked to get some of your vocals over one of our productions, give it a think and give Log a spank!
    Easyyyyyyy, im still recoverin i think!! Was at it till about 2-3am sunday morning!! Great fun! Um wednesday I might be free Soph? x
    Hey Soph, I got a guy whose looking for a vocalist for a moving fusion eddy woo co-lab track. His AIM is verdictdj. Thought you might be interested :) hope all's well
    i tried thinking of some innuendo based response to that, but failed miserably - so i'll just make do with thanks haha :)
    He lives just at the end of Jamaica street so litereally 2 min walk, if you do ever need owt lemme know and ill send his number over... Cool about matter Soph, i have got my ticket yeah.. well its an email, just need to print it out before we go.x
    Just seen your message about poppin in lol bit late now, oops!! Would of done though Soph, i text you about that smoke.. nothin special, quite wet really, not a fan but s'pose if its all thats about its better than nowt... or is it?!! x
    No probs : ) Im seein matey who lives near you in half hour so ill let you know how that is aswell x
    Hellooooo, booked up the coaches for us and got my ram ticket today aswell, canny wait mon! x
    Yeah Im cool thanks Soph, workin and chillin, same ol!! I think it will just end up me you and Sam comin from Bristol but we can all rep our ends when were there. I think Sam is only thinkin about it at the mo, even if its just us were have a lorra lorra larfs still im sure : )

    Matress sounds nice, im gettin my bed sorted properly this eve x
    Hello Soph I get paid next Wednesday, you up for booking for the party around then?? If we book together maybe and make sure we got all the same times etc.. Sam (ETHIX) might be comin with us aswell maybe which will be cool. You havin good time off? x
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