► Yanntek & Magiic - Multiverse // Gourski - Turtle Spin [NVR020: OUT NOW!] ◄


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Jan 19, 2012
Essex / Suffolk, UK

Yanntek & Magiic - Multiverse // Gourski - Turtle Spin
● NVR020: OUT NOW! Drum & Bass / Dark / Neuro / Upfront! ●

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[Bandcamp] bit.ly/020BC (*£1.89 + 2 BONUS TRACKS & MIX*)
bit.ly/020BP (*£2.60*)
bit.ly/020iT (*£1.98*)
bit.ly/020Juno (*£1.91*)
bit.ly/TiDNVR (*£2.24*)

► Gourski - Turtle Spin // Yanntek & Magiic - Multiverse: Release Mix [NVR020: OUT NOW!]:

► Gourski - Turtle Spin [NVR020: OUT NOW!]:

► Yanntek & Magiic - Multiverse [NVR020: OUT NOW!]:

NVR020: Yanntek & Magiic - Multiverse // Gourski - Turtle Spin, is OUT NOW and available to purchase from all good download stores. Including; Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, Juno, TrackItDown, Amazon, Google Play and more. Also available on streaming services; Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Beatport and more. Go to the NVR Bandcamp page to get this 2 track release + 2 FREE BONUS Tracks and Release Mix for ONLY £1.89. Our full back catalogue is also available up to 60% cheaper than Beatport, iTunes & all other stores! (www.nuventurerecords.bandcamp.com)

NVR020 Track listing: [Playlist: bit.ly/020SC]
(A) Yanntek & Magiic - Multiverse [Listen: bit.ly/020SCYM]
(B) Gourski - Turtle Spin [Listen: bit.ly/020SCGts]

NVR020 sees a darker and harder vibe, with a European influence courtesy of Yanntek, Magiic and Gourski, for the 20th installment from Nu Venture Records.

► Download the PRESS RELEASE for NVR020: Multiverse // Turtle Spin:

(A) Yanntek & Magiic:
Opening the release is Multiverse, a collaboration between German Producer Yanntek and Danish Producer Magiic, resulting in their first dual release together and a debut appearance on Nu Venture Records for both artists. Combining the production talents of both artists this energetic track features jagged synths and mysterious pads, alongside high tempo and abrupt Breakbeat inspired drums and an industrious bassline to complete this purposeful track!

(B) Gourski - Turtle Spin:
Rounding off the release is Turtle Spin from Russian Drum & Bass Producer and DJ, Gourski. The track begins by enticing you in with a subdued intro providing sharp persistent highs and atmospherically enhancing pads, before revealing the true nature of this heavy hitting stepper! After an intense escalating build up Gourski unleashes that deep dominating bassline. Before combining this with some electrifying and sinister synth work, as well as a Drumstep influence after the calm of the storm, which some may mistake as the break of this all consuming track!

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