dark drum and bass

  1. D

    free new neurfunk tune

    here's a new neurofunk tune for all my dnb heads on here hope you enjoy
  2. The Priestess of the Moon Pt. 2

    The Priestess of the Moon Pt. 2

    We learn very young in our life that images aren't as they seem. When violet's turn red, and the death of our love has been foreseen. Violet is the color of the moon's true beauty.
  3. D

    new darkstep track XD

    tell me what you think of this ps if you subscribe like and comment ill subscribe like and comment back on three of your videos
  4. TCB666

    DnB A Weekly Drum & Bass Mix Session 22: Neurofunk Edition Mixed By Bus Bee

    Listen to these awesome neurofunk tracks by some awesome producers at my latest brand new weekly drum & bass mix on Mixcloud. The setlist of it is commented below as well as a link to download this mix for FREE at Hearthis.at. Enjoy! :D Katharsys - Destruction Pythius - Haymaker Current Value...
  5. shifteight

    Asterisk Drum and Bass Winter Mix 2018

    Check out my latest drum and bass mix, this will keep you moving during the rest of winter.... Hope you enjoy it!
  6. TCB666

    A Weekly Drum & Bass Mix Session 15: Mixed By Bus Bee

    Here is a link to my latest brand new weekly one hour drum & bass mix for anyone interested in listening to it on Mixcloud. The tracklist by these awesome producers is commented below as always as well as a FREE download on hearthis.at. Enjoy! :D Tracklist I.D. Mohican Sun - Spiralled...
  7. lap

    Killer Drumz Latinoamerica crew 2017 mixed by LAP (Live DNB set)

    Dark Drum & Bass, Crossbreed, Hardcore DNB played live by LAP (Killer Drumz / Drumskulls) from Buenos Aires, Argentina All tracks played with a Sampler Roland MC-909 Playlist: 01. Limewax - Jij (LAP remix) 02. LAP - No Rules 03. LAP - Danger 04. LAP - No More Humans 05. LAP - Not Found 06. LAP...
  8. D

    DnB free neuro track

  9. accretion

    DnB Accretion "Dark Energy" (new beat)

  10. Scratchy.McNadz

    DnB Hadz - Dark Dnb Mix April 2017

    Hey guys, been a while since ive done any proper mixing and trying to get back in the swing of things! Not completely perfect but it would be great if anyone could have a listen and provide any feedback (and hopefully enjoy it too haha) :D
  11. eastformsdnb

    DnB Operator Promo Mix // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass

    Galvanizing vibes burning through severe beats and fierce pressure of bass lines. Operator [Tokyo | Japan] Hailing from South East London and currently residing in Tokyo DJ Operator has been to and mixing drum and bass since the late 90's. Three years ago, he with the help of Havishmash set up...
  12. stereoassassin

    Satanic Breaks

    "Satanic Breaks" ... What you thought was hard DnB has been stepped on and kicked aside Release date: March 1st, check 1st track: "3 Minutes In Hell" and pre-order
  13. M


    new dark track can people check it out and give feedback? :):)
  14. Teflon DNB


    Hey peeps!! Have a listen, big up! New (been before but haven't used for years) here!!! I'm happy to listen to mixes! Thanks for listening and reading. Tef
  15. TCB666

    My latest one hour mix on Hearthis.at

    Link: https://hearthis.at/busbee/17dnb/ Enjoy!!! :D Setlist: Alix Perez - State 808 Technical Itch - Reborn (Understanding Will Come With Training) Jubei - Patience Signal - Ennair Skeptical - Turning Point Dom & Roland - Innersense Intelligent Manners & Command Strange - Make Me Alive Audio -...
  16. C

    Darka Promo Mix - Showcasing some new tunes

  17. TCB666

    My latest one hour continuous DNB mix on Hearthis.at

    A link to my latest one hour continuous dark drum & bass mix on Hearthis.at. Listen and enjoy ... :D https://hearthis.at/busbee/2newdnb/ Setlist: Technical Itch - Creature Of War Evol Intent & Gein - Exterminate Demo & Cease - Ladies Night Current Value - Machines Soundshifter - Dis Jungle...
  18. TCB666

    My track "Blinded By The Light" on Hearthis.at

    Here is a link to a drum & bass track that I produced for anyone interesting in listening to it: https://hearthis.at/busbee/blindedbythelightbybusbee/
  19. TCB666

    My latest one hour mix on Mixcloud...

    My latest one hour continuous mix on Mixcloud ... Enjoy! Setlist: Command Strange - Can't Stop Slang Banger - Hoxton QBIG & Zenith B - Opposite Hoogs - The Comet Teddy Killerz & Counterstrike - Horror Story Dbridge & Skeptical - No Discipline Bassbrothers - Kravitz Xilent - Reborn Logam -...
  20. hr6mole

    Province - Chillin Killin + soundcloud launch

    Stoked to launch the Province soundcloud page with our 1st tune entitled 'Chillin Killin' its a collaborative project from Thugwidow and Katon. We got an EP on the way too so stay locked
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