drum and bass

  1. T

    Drum & Bass Source Control @ Zombie Shack, Manchester. 29th March. The Surgery hosting NUUSIC

    Manchester heads, we are chucking a Caribbean zombie themed rave at Zombie Shack in Manchester this March (29th). It's been a while since we've played on Oxford Road and this time we have invited Manny jungle collective Nuusic to the line up along with the regular Subversion, Aztek and Construct...
  2. L

    Drum and Bass Discord!

    Hey everyone, i recently made a discord server for Drum and Bass Production. feel free to join. usefull links, tutorials, feedback and more :) https://discord.gg/SSCn5pS
  3. Alex Archer

    New Liquid Drops release

    Listen to clips and buy here
  4. TCB666

    Substrate Presents: Internal Konflict Radio - Episode 30: Bus Bee Guest Dark DnB Mix 1/2/2019

    https://hearthis.at/busbee/substratepresentsinternalkonflictradio-episode30busbeeguestdarkdnbmix122019/ My guest mix on Reid "Substrate" Larch's radio show Internal Konflict: Episode 30 that aired on morebassmain.airtime.pro 1/2/2019. facebook.com/SubStrate.USDNB facebook.com/BusBee13...
  5. Mike Z

    Drum & Bass Bass (WIP)

    Hello everyone. Created a new track and would love to get some feedback on it, especially the mix and the bass loudness/ does it have enough "punch". But as always all criticism is welcome. (updated)
  6. bulletstorm

    Any help on mixdown? =)

    Hi Guys, I made a new track, having some issues with the mixdown. So any opinions on muddy sounding aspects would be really appreciated. Overall it's my best track in years so I'm really happy. Thanks!
  7. salecky

    All Together [new liquid track]

    Hi! Please review my track and leave constructive criticism. Vocal credits: Splice :) Regards! Salecky
  8. salecky

    Salecky - Everynight, Everyday [Liquid Drum & Bass 2018]

    Hi! Please review my track and leave constructive criticism :) Regards! Salecky
  9. Dr Woe

    Drum & Bass KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN` vol 1 - Dr Woe

    The first episode of the "Keep Da Bass Rollin´" podcast is online now: vol 1 - 100% vinyl mixed by Dr Woe, enjoy with bass! Dr Woe links: SoundCloud: @dr-woe Facebook: www.facebook.com/drwoe Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/woe84 Twitter: twitter.com/DrWoe84 Keep Da Bass Rollin´ links...
  10. MonitaSkeleton

    Acid Lab & Scale (SKELR13)

    Skeleton Recordings bring you the latest release by Acid Lab & Scale - Warriors // Environment // Underdog. Now available on both digital and vinyl from Bandcamp and all good stores: https://skeletonrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/acid-lab-scale
  11. N


    Done a little mix as warm up for a few sets I'm playing next couple weekends. Tried to keep it heavy and take it on a bit of a ride starting with neuro through to a bit of jungle straight into a blast of classic jump up to finish. any feedback is greatly appreciated and always happy to do the...
  12. TheThunderWithin

    Drum & Bass Reverb-Dirty Double

    My remix of the real man, featured in cowboy bebop.
  13. Charlie Bravo

    Drum & Bass WKD Comp Mix

    Entered the WKD comp, the criteria was 'High energy summer mix'. Have a listen if you've got 20 mins. --------------> WKD Comp mix CB
  14. E

    Drum & Bass Adam3 - Future Retrospective // EAST FORMS

    https://hearthis.at/eastformsdnb/adam3-future-retrospective/ Traditional exclusive episode from Adam3 carrying weekend vibes - Future Retrospective for EAST FORMS Drum&Bass, only positive sounds coming directly from Tokyo, Japan. Tune in via HearThisAt, MixCloud, iTunes, TuneIn & more Adam3 -...
  15. P

    Drum & Bass Id please from SASASAS @Westfest 2016

    and I would also like to know the song after this one, at
  16. Konfliqtdnb

    Drum & Bass Mixtapes, DJ Contests & Special guestmixes

    Sooo, hi everybody reading this! My name is Jef, I'm 20y/o Belgium based Spinning Drum & Bass (especially Jump up dnb) for about a year and 4 months DJ name: Konfliqt I just sorted out all my mixes in playlists on my Soundcloud page (link at the bottom of this thread) And from my own...
  17. H

    Drum & Bass Turno & Messy MC - Sick Set!

    Thought id share it with you guys
  18. problemchild

    DJ Problem Child - Minimal Drum & Bass Volume 3

    Tracklist Torn - It Should Be Seen As A Disease [Samurai] ASC - Source Code [Samurai] Marcus Intalex - Halflife [Samurai] Overlook - Who Is This Who Is Coming [UVB-76] Overlook - Travelling Without Moving [UVB-76] Overlook - River's Edge [UVB-76] Dolenz - Geminus [Exit] Seba -...