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  1. Destro Bass

    Destro presents: Priestess of the Moon Pt. 3 - Preview Clips now on Soundcloud - What you think of it?

    My next drum and bass EP preview clips on Soundcloud! Prepare yourselves for an imaginary / forward thinking drum and bass EP that has been waiting to unleash itself at the very end of our planet torn by greed and pestilence...
  2. C

    Drum and Bass in Gran Canaria or similar Spanish islands

    Hi guys, looking for somewhere to go abroad for August this year but want to know what the DnB scene is like, has anyone been before and anyone have any idea what the odds having DnB venues in Gran Canaria?
  3. S

    DnB Spinzo & H.Zed - Jungle Time Ft. Baby Cham (VIP Remix)

    Jungle Time (VIP Remix) by Spinzo & H.Zed ft. Baby Cham. We are back with a new mix of our track "Jungle Time". Switched up few a few things & added vocals by Baby Cham to breath new life into one of our personal favourite tunes. Summer time feels & positive vibes is what this tune is all about...
  4. S

    DnB Spinzo & Nightshade Society - Move Me

    Move Me by Spinzo & Nightshade Society. With all the work we put into this track we kinda consider it an original. Even though we did sample James Gilstrap's Move Me (same title to pay homage), and also laid over vocals from The Jungle Brothers we feel we made this one with our very own style...
  5. S

    DnB Spinzo & Nightshade Society - Surface Funk

    Spinzo & Nightshade Society blend Liquid & Jump-Up Drum and Bass on this original tune titled Surface Funk. Lots of nice feels on this tune but an even amount of impact and bass. Please satisfy your sound system by pressing play. > DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE < Cheers !!!! Spinzo...
  6. DivisionBassDigital

    DnB Lockdown Blues EP By Ceti (DBD570)

    Lockdown Blues EP By Ceti. Available everywhere now https://lnkfi.re/LockdownBlues-Ceti
  7. S

    DnB Demolition Man, Serial Killaz, King HiFi - Fire (Spinzo's Ragga Rinse Out Edit)

    This is a Edit I put together for the Ragga Jungle Rinse Out in 2018 (Village Stage / Shambhala Music Festival in Canada). I'm happy to share it with everyone after hoarding it for a while. This edit of FIRE has a reggae version jammed in the middle to settle things down and vibe out for a...
  8. Destro Bass

    2020-2021 Drum and Bass Playlists on Spotify.... Who's got new tunes they want added to it? 50+ followers and rising

    Now accepting track submissions for my 2021 dancefloor raver anthems: drum and bass playlist! *only accepting new releases atm* If you have some older releases you would like to have on my other playlists, then give me a heads up & DM me your links, & email me @ destromusic@ymail.com if you...
  9. A

    DnB Hydration Mix Series No.51 - Reflektor

  10. Destro Bass

    Drum and bass funny jokes / puns : let's hear them!

    I was feeling kinda bummed about not hearing DNB every weekend on a big sound system here in USA... so i figured maybe some really terrible puns and jokes might make my patience last a little bit longer before i wig out over here... I don't care if they are terrible or the best joke ever told...
  11. The Priestess of the Moon Pt. 2

    The Priestess of the Moon Pt. 2

    We learn very young in our life that images aren't as they seem. When violet's turn red, and the death of our love has been foreseen. Violet is the color of the moon's true beauty.
  12. Yaneca

    New Track - Yaneca - One Shine

    Yaneca - One Shine Hello everyone , what u think about my new track ? Hope u all stay healthy
  13. P

    DnB The Ultimate D&B Preset Subscription for XFER Serum - 100+ Presets - £4.99 Launch Offer!

    Hi guys, We've just launched our brand new preset subscription service for XFER Serum (www.presetportal.com). You get access to 100+ XFER Serum presets each month and a handful of tutorials. Featuring sounds by professional sound designers with releases on; RAM, Spearhead, Flexout, Dispatch...
  14. P

    Searching for similar D’n’B tracks [kind of atmospheric / chill / progressive / liquid DnB]

    Hey guys, :) I'm listening to some tracks from a soundtrack of Mischief 3000 from the early 2000s. A guy named DJ Benko made these tracks: I'm looking for similar stuff, do you guys have any recommendations to artists who made similar music, I don't care if the songs are old, like from...
  15. S

    DnB Swifta - Raw 64 (prod by magenta - lie)

  16. P

    Big, Bad & Heavy - A mix of various dnb styles

    Sup fellow dnb'ers. Please checkout my new dnb mix, if you listen to mine, I'll listen to yours! All criticism welcome. Be safe.
  17. Alex Archer

    DnB Alekay - Stars EP (New Liquid DnB on Liquid Drops)

    Hey DnB Forum! My new EP is out on Liquid Drops TODAY! Please go check it out -> Alekay - Stars EP
  18. Eerik Andreas

    DnB Inertz - Synthetic

    New song called Synthetic ! Subscribe :) enjoy
  19. Eerik Andreas

    DnB Inertz - Brutality

    New song called inertz Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3bLo-d_p8CKXCvbUDGF87A/ Soundcloud:
  20. A

    DnB [Drum & Bass/Jungle] No Shortcuts - A DnB Mix Series (Volume Two)

    COVER ART: LINK: No Shortcuts - A DnB Mix Series (Volume Two) MIXED BY: MAKIVELLA GENRE: UK - Jungle - DnB - Deep - Heavy - Dark - Halftime - Vibes AUDIO QUALITY: WAV TRACKLISTING: 1. 2Monk - Make Some Action 2. Pablo Dread - On My Way 3. Revaux - Projections (Revaux Remix) 4. Battery -...
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