1. Alex Archer

    Alekay - The Secret (Free Download)

    It's that time of year again, I want to give back with a special tune I've been sitting on for a while. Please enjoy this jaunty liquid roller just in time for the holidays. Thank you all for your ongoing support.
  2. InReach

    Kid Drama - Switch EP (CNVX10)

    ‘Switch’ is a four-track EP that isn’t for the fainthearted. It’s deep, dark, heavy, and in places, profoundly moving. Kid Drama even works with the legendary Ryme Tyme on his opening track. Full release 14/12/18 1. Kid Drama & Ryme Tyme - Switch 2. Kid Drama - Mirrored Lake 3. Kid Drama &...
  3. K

    Rayn - Shadow/ Generale (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Rayn's "Shadow/Generale" is OUT NOW!!! We are pleased to welcome Rayn in the IA fam'! This talented producer from Newhaven (UK) arrives with "Shadow / Generale"! two deep & dark tracks as we like! Remeber his name! One love from IA fam'! Tracklist: 1. Rayn - Shadow 2. Rayn - Generale...
  4. unmd

    Drum & Bass BG - Brown Eyes

    Hi guys! Long time since I've posted. Minimal Roller-kinda tune o_O Let me know what you think <3
  5. H

    Habz Liquid DNB

    Hi skankers, listen and comment my own liquid DnB tune, made in serum and massive))
  6. O

    Drum & Bass (Liquid Drum&Bass) ONTO - "Abstract Kids/Through The Forest" (Soul Bros. Records) Out now!

    If you like the sound of Liquid and Atmospheric Drum&Bass check out the new release "Abstract Kids/Through The Forest" by up and coming artist ONTO , it's out now on Soul Bros. Records ! Product overview -...
  7. J

    Contract Advice

    Hi I was looking for some advice on my current situation. I'm not sure which section this should be posted in so apologies if the wrong one. I am new to making dnb and back in September was approached by a semi- established label about releasing some tracks - lots of toing and froing of...
  8. westy70

    New Jungle tune, all feedback returned!

    Easy all hope everyone is all good, not posted here in a while. Been working on some new music, Just converted from FL studio to Ableton Live 10 and i seem to get on with it alot better. Just finished a new jungle tune, would love some feedback, anyone who does feedback with music on here i...
  9. H

    Multi Genre High Rank Audio #1 (Free Entry)

    An independently run night showcasing the finest underground bass music the local scene has to offer. Expect to hear the sounds of Dub, Reggae, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Jungle, and a hand full of Dubplates thrown in for good measure. Attend on Facebook here
  10. W

    Drum & Bass 16.11.2018 ► DNB FRESH ● Клуб МЬЮЗ

    ★ DF PROMO ★ presents: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Get your portion of FRESH vibes! Приглашаем всех окунуться в атмосферу жаркой вечеринки и освежающего DNB звучания вместе с нами:) Отличный музыкальный фреш с сочным вкусом бита и баса, харизма хорошо знакомых диджеев и энергия новичков за пультами...
  11. M

    Drum & Bass Elere - Reasons Why / Closer, Closer - Midnight Sun Recordings

    Midnight Sun Recordings presents the debut single from Elere with two hand picked tunes by label boss Physics. This is his solo debut having featured on a joint single alongside Askel on Soulvent. Expect big things from this young producer in the future! Oh, did we mention that he sings on the...
  12. Nick-ep

    Nick EP '8 Years on Rude FM' 27/10/18

    TL: Quartz - Goodbye SB81 - Reversal Fanu - Recharge Quartz - Hall of Mirrors Amoss - The Only Way Is East Sedo - Hallow Special Request - Leviathan KIlljoy - Badman Digital - Gonzo Untitled - Untitled CIA Vs Phantom Audio - Cookie Monster Greekboy - Mystic Calm Kid Lib - Do Not Respond...

    Tephra & Arkoze & Invadhertz - When In Rome EP

    This four track thumper from Tephra & Arkoze and the INVADHERTZ crew dropped this week exclusively on Beatport and it's already getting some well deserved feedback. Download it out here >>> http://bit.ly/WIRE
  14. R

    A Track i've been working on.

    A track i've been working on for some time now, too afraid of posting it before having some professional ears seer trough it first. So please, be as harsh as you feel the need to be. I would aprecciate it ALOT. :D
  15. L

    Drum & Bass Physics - Liquid Helsinki promomix

    Physics promomix for the upcoming Liquid Helsinki Event @ Ääniwalli with Makoto. 1. Physics - Day After Day - Liquid V dub 2. Slaine - Keep It Gangsta - Nurtured Beatz 3. Ben Soundscape - Big Sur - Flight Pattern 4. Chrizz0r - Open Your Eyes - Midnight Sun dub 5. Krakota ft Mc Dynamite - Hot...
  16. F

    Tracks with Blade Runner elements

    Just watched Blade Runner(1982) and heard some familiar elements from its music I strongly associate with banger tunes I did not listen to in ages. Maybe someone can help me out big time! Thanks in advance :)
  17. K

    Ill Effects - Existence/ Panic room (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Welcome to the panic room, let yourself be guided by the depth of the bass. the most prolific member of the fam' takes you to explore the abyss with two dark and catchy titles! We hope you enjoy !! One love from the IA family!!! Tracklist: 1. Ill Effects - Existence 2. Ill Effects - Panic...
  18. W

    Drum & Bass 06.10.2018 ► Jungle Boost ● Клуб МЬЮЗ

    DF PROMO ★ presents: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Соскучились по олдскульным джангловым ритмам? Мы - да! Поэтому мы снова приглашаем вас разделить с нами радость от музыки и позитивных вибраций этим субботним вечером. Обещаем отличное настроение и тёплый приём! :) Jungle Is Massive...
  19. Different Drumz

    Mr Nitro & K Rezz – Close Your Eyes EP | DDR008 *COMING SOON!*

    Mr Nitro & K Rezz – Close Your Eyes EP | DDR008 *COMING SOON!* It’s been well overdue but Different Drumz front man ‘Mr Nitro’ drops his debut release on the mighty Different Drumz Recordings in collaboration with a new artist to the label based in Seville, Spain ‘K Rezz’. This quality 4 track...
  20. Dr Woe

    Drum & Bass KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN` vol 3 - BMR

    KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN` vol 3 - BMR This month BMR delivers a deep & dark Drum & Bass mix for your pleasure! The north german underground talent knows how to combine minimal Dnb with deep & dark Neurofunk and takes you on a journey into darkest depths of Drum & Bass. Enjoy the music, follow our...