1. P

    The FIRST DNB Subscription for XFER Serum! ***DNBFORUM DISCOUNT***

    Hi guys, We've just finished our first month in operation over at Preset Portal. We've had some unreal support and positive feedback from some big dons within the scene such as; Document One, SyRan, Black Barrel, Scepticz, Koherent and more! I've created a discount code for you guys in...
  2. W

    DnB 21.08.2020 ► DNB INFECTION ● Live Stars Club

    ★ DF PROMO ★ presents: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Infected with the good vibes only! После длительного перерыва мы потихоньку возвращаемся к вечеринкам, и будем рады вновь делиться музыкой и эмоциями лично, а не онлайн:) Вас ждут энергичные сеты от скучавших по публике диджеев, радость встреч с теми...
  3. S

    Neurofunk / Cyberpunk

    So, I made these two tracks (they transition into each other) Feel free to tear me a new asshole. :razz: but I hope you all dig!
  4. Outer Heaven

    Outer Heaven Sample Pack 002

    Hi guys I have just released my second sample pack on Bandcamp. If anyone is interested in checking it out they can do here: https://outerheavenuk.bandcamp.com/album/sample-pack-002 The sounds are similar to the first sample pack, with the addition of a bunch of 808 bass sounds which I made...
  5. C

    DnB [Pre-Order] Replicants / They Won't by Molecular & Lavance

    Counterpoint Recordings is happy to announce their first release in this new decade, featuring a collaboration single between two of our core artists – Molecular & Lavance. After a few quiet months, we’re following our rebrand launch with a steady flow of quality music for the rest of the...
  6. P

    DnB The Ultimate D&B Preset Subscription for XFER Serum - 100+ Presets - £4.99 Launch Offer!

    Hi guys, We've just launched our brand new preset subscription service for XFER Serum (www.presetportal.com). You get access to 100+ XFER Serum presets each month and a handful of tutorials. Featuring sounds by professional sound designers with releases on; RAM, Spearhead, Flexout, Dispatch...

    Wreckless feat. Necrobia & Conscience - Simulation EP

    Next up on the Addictive Behaviour imprint is a continuation EP, celebrating the diverse production prowess of Wreckless & friends once again, this time enlisting support from Necrobia & Conscience. Following on from his Simulacra release last year with Necrobia & Sweetpea, Simulacra &...
  8. InReach

    In-Reach & Sofa Sound in conversation with War

    The amusingly titled Sofa King Sick compilation returns for Chapter 2 on DLR'S Sofa Sound Bristol imprint. One of the more familiar artists that features on the album is War, someone who has certainly made his mark on the scene over the last few years. We caught up with War to find out about...
  9. P

    Searching for similar D’n’B tracks [kind of atmospheric / chill / progressive / liquid DnB]

    Hey guys, :) I'm listening to some tracks from a soundtrack of Mischief 3000 from the early 2000s. A guy named DJ Benko made these tracks: I'm looking for similar stuff, do you guys have any recommendations to artists who made similar music, I don't care if the songs are old, like from...
  10. Different Drumz

    DDR009 | Induktiv - Overthinking EP * OUT NOW *

    Induktiv – Overthinking EP | DDR009 *OUT NOW IN ALL MAJOR STORES* Different Drumz Recordings return with a beautifully crafted 4 track liquid drum and bass EP from another new artist to the label and rising star in the scene ‘Induktiv’. Featuring four thought provoking, deep and rolling...
  11. Dr Woe

    DnB KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN´ vol 20 - Artsea

    KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN´ vol 20 - Artsea Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, the Dj & producer Artsea delievers a nice & smooth Liquid Dnb mix including some cool own productions. Sporting a wide range of influences between the underground and the mainstream, he sets off to curate a sound that sets...
  12. Indesign Soldier

    Indesign Soldier – The Jungle D&B Show 19-05-20

    My name is Indesign Soldier – here's my show from this Tuesday on www.Radioactivefm.co.uk I play a bi-monthly Tuesday 8-10pm, usually one week upfront Jungle & D&B and the next Old Skool or a tribute show to a D&B label. This week was upfront Jungle & D&B – so all current tunes that are doing...
  13. Puchta DNB

    Puchta - Smoke

    Puchta - Smoke Drum & Bass Techstep Neurofunk Track http://www.soundcloud.com/puchta
  14. dustaudio

    DnB Free Tune / Clima feat Slider & Expose | Dust Audio

    Clima featuring Slider & Expose have decided to unleash the Quaratune during these uncertain times. They take a trip down route 160bpm for a bass laden tribal excursion. Free download to all. Stay Safe. **It was originally entitled Mayotune but Quarantune is more apt for these times
  15. K

    No.ko - Another (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    We are pleased to present to you a newcomer in the fam' as know as No.Ko! and his "Another" EP. No.Ko drives you through three brand new selections, from the steppy, brooding sounds of ‘Another’, right through to the moody textures of ‘Hugs of Bass’. No.Ko takes on the traditional drum & bass...
  16. manirios

    Essence Volume 2 - Free DNB samplepack now available

    Hi, Whilst isolating, and generally trying not to go mad, I've finished a bunch of samples that I thought I'd put out in this samplepack. Free download from here: https://www.manirios.com/product/mani-rios-essence-volume-2-drum-bass/ Cheers, M
  17. W


    ★ DF PROMO ★ presents: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Весна - самое время для маленьких праздников, тем более, когда их несколько:) Приглашаем всех отметить вместе день рождения нашей хорошей подруги и тусовщицы Ани Winni и наступающее вслед за ним 8 марта. Дарим отличное настроение, любимый саунд bass...
  18. Eerik Andreas

    DnB Inertz - Synthetic

    New song called Synthetic ! Subscribe :) enjoy
  19. WYKNOT

    2 New Nurfofunk Bangers from -WYKNOT

    Today is the day! Patrol The Skies Music has just dropped two new tunes of mine. The Brave & The Circle. Really excited for these two to come out.Thanks to everybody who has had a part in making this this happen. Tunes are now available to purchase on all major download sites! Spotify...