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  1. Dr Woe

    DnB KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN´ vol 20 - Artsea

    KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN´ vol 20 - Artsea Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, the Dj & producer Artsea delievers a nice & smooth Liquid Dnb mix including some cool own productions. Sporting a wide range of influences between the underground and the mainstream, he sets off to curate a sound that sets...
  2. Indesign Soldier

    Indesign Soldier – The Jungle D&B Show 19-05-20

    My name is Indesign Soldier – here's my show from this Tuesday on www.Radioactivefm.co.uk I play a bi-monthly Tuesday 8-10pm, usually one week upfront Jungle & D&B and the next Old Skool or a tribute show to a D&B label. This week was upfront Jungle & D&B – so all current tunes that are doing...
  3. Puchta DNB

    Puchta - Smoke

    Puchta - Smoke Drum & Bass Techstep Neurofunk Track http://www.soundcloud.com/puchta
  4. dustaudio

    DnB Free Tune / Clima feat Slider & Expose | Dust Audio

    Clima featuring Slider & Expose have decided to unleash the Quaratune during these uncertain times. They take a trip down route 160bpm for a bass laden tribal excursion. Free download to all. Stay Safe. **It was originally entitled Mayotune but Quarantune is more apt for these times
  5. K

    No.ko - Another (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    We are pleased to present to you a newcomer in the fam' as know as No.Ko! and his "Another" EP. No.Ko drives you through three brand new selections, from the steppy, brooding sounds of ‘Another’, right through to the moody textures of ‘Hugs of Bass’. No.Ko takes on the traditional drum & bass...
  6. manirios

    Essence Volume 2 - Free DNB samplepack now available

    Hi, Whilst isolating, and generally trying not to go mad, I've finished a bunch of samples that I thought I'd put out in this samplepack. Free download from here: https://www.manirios.com/product/mani-rios-essence-volume-2-drum-bass/ Cheers, M
  7. W


    ★ DF PROMO ★ presents: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Весна - самое время для маленьких праздников, тем более, когда их несколько:) Приглашаем всех отметить вместе день рождения нашей хорошей подруги и тусовщицы Ани Winni и наступающее вслед за ним 8 марта. Дарим отличное настроение, любимый саунд bass...
  8. Eerik Andreas

    DnB Inertz - Synthetic

    New song called Synthetic ! Subscribe :) enjoy

    2 New Nurfofunk Bangers from -WYKNOT

    Today is the day! Patrol The Skies Music has just dropped two new tunes of mine. The Brave & The Circle. Really excited for these two to come out.Thanks to everybody who has had a part in making this this happen. Tunes are now available to purchase on all major download sites! Spotify...
  10. I

    Constrict - Malevolence / Goddess

    Hi all! Our first full release went live on bandcamp today. Will be available in all good digital stores on 05/03/2020, with the vinyl being exclusive to Bandcamp. A-side: B-Side: LTD 10" Vinyl + Digital: https://incidentalsonics.bandcamp.com/album/is001-malevolence-goddess
  11. Dr Woe

    DnB KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN´ vol 17 - Soraya

    KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN´ vol 17 - Soraya Drum & Bass addict 'Soraya' startet to Dj around 2016 and played her first gig at 'Amens Büttel' in Hamburg. At this point she discovered her big Passion for playing Drum & Bass and sharing the music she loves with others. Soraya is know for her deep, dark...
  12. W

    DnB 28.02.2020 ► DNB FRESH ● Клуб МЬЮЗ

    ★ DF PROMO ★ presents: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Get your portion of FRESH vibes! Восьмая вечеринка DNB FRESH предлагает всем проводить зиму со свежими музыкальными коктейлями на любой вкус:) Все ингредиенты под рукой - энергичные сеты от новичков, мастерство и харизма хорошо знакомых диджеев...
  13. Alex Archer

    DnB AP B!O - Mix 000 (EP Promo Mix)

    AP B!O - Mix 000 Please enjoy the first installment of AP B!O’s mix series. This mix highlights the launch of this project by Alekay and Paturn, featuring their forthcoming debut EP “Diet Triangle”. You can hear all 5 original tunes along with the duo’s personal favorites - track list included...
  14. Leniz

    DnB Leniz Presents: The Winter Tape (Feb 2020)

    Some fresh cuts and dubs alongside some absolute bangers & belters. Hope you enjoy! :)
  15. A

    DnB [Drum & Bass/Jungle] No Shortcuts - A DnB Mix Series (Volume Two)

    COVER ART: LINK: No Shortcuts - A DnB Mix Series (Volume Two) MIXED BY: MAKIVELLA GENRE: UK - Jungle - DnB - Deep - Heavy - Dark - Halftime - Vibes AUDIO QUALITY: WAV TRACKLISTING: 1. 2Monk - Make Some Action 2. Pablo Dread - On My Way 3. Revaux - Projections (Revaux Remix) 4. Battery -...
  16. Intense Records

    DnB 10% Off + Free Shipping - D&B/Jungle/Old Skool New Release Sheet - 14/02/20

    Check out the brand new titles added to the intenserecords.com shop here and get 10% off your order with the code 'dnbforum' and take advantage of our new shipping deals: Free Shipping Offer Free UK Shipping on Orders over £30 Europe - £5 Shipping orders over £50 ROW - £15 shipping on orders...


    OUT NOW ON FREE DOWNLOAD >> https://hypeddit.com/track/b47sae Kicking off the new decade with something a little different, Addictive Behaviour’s first release of 2020 comes in the way of a free download as a thank you to all those that have supported the label over the years, but also as a...
  18. nuwud

    Junglist Tune - Lord, What Is My Purpose...

    Looking for this one jungle music track that has the lyrics like: I said to the lord, what is my purpose Send the wicked man run come again I said to the lord what is my purpose educate the youth come again Any clues? Thanks!!