1. D

    DnB Jump up massive presets

    Need some help getting the jump up feel and sound using massive I have purchased heists preset pack, but I am still lacking that sound I want, want to make sound like on voltages new track -barbra ( not sure what the actual track is called ) but the bass is Heavy. Can anyone post some presets or...
  2. R

    DnB Need help finding song!

    Hey everyone, Ive been looking for this damn song for so long but cant find it. Ive tried shazam, Ive tried messaging the uploader, Ive tried everything but I cant find it. My last hope is that one of you guys with a large collection recognizes it. It starts at about 7:10. I cant quit make...
  3. F

    Help me find this song

    So I know the song for time however I've forgotten the track name... I'm looking for the song thats 18 minutes into the mix. If you can help, i'll have your babies.
  4. YugenDnB

    How to dnb drums?

    Hi, I've been producing a while now (started December 2016) and I'm really trying to up my game where I lack the most skill is drums, they always come out boring, repetitive and lack punch. what did you guys do to practice making complex drums patterns and how to process them? Any tutorials or...
  5. keelan

    Help making this bass

    Hi, i would really like some help on making this bass, it can be with with serum or massive (preferably serum) Thank you!
  6. Leniz

    DnB Losing You Idk about this. What do you guys think? NEWEST VERSION:
  7. K

    Need Help - Please dont ignore

    Hey , im 17 yrs old and im from greece. I recently started making music with fl studio and would really like some reviews or anything.I still have some tracks to upload. Thanks!
  8. prettyherb

    Who had experience with giving workshops/lessons in music production?

    Hey, I've been asked to do a workshop in music production in FL studio. I've never done this and I'd like to prepare this very well, so I was wondering if you guys can give me any tips.. Who has done this before and how did you prepare? I'm thinking of making a checklist with everything I...
  9. JoJabes

    German Rookie Needs Production Advices

    Hey community, first i want to apologize for my bad english, i hope you can understand my posting. I started producing drum and bass half a year ago. It is sad that i sarted doing this so late in my life (well 24 is not to late...), because it is so much fun for me. I never played an instrument...
  10. H

    Old school jungle track?

    Need help identifying this beauty, any help appreciate.
  11. prettyherb

    Tunes like 'Frederic Robinson- Constellations'

    Struggling to find more tunes in this style. Can you please point me towards some more? Can be of any artist, any release date... Thanks!
  12. prophetmusic

    DnB Hedex main bass??? Help

    yo guys i'm currently working on a hedex inspired track but i'm really stuck on the sound design of the bass and there's literally no tutorials on the web so if anyone could help I'd appreciate any help thanks
  13. O

    DnB Dimension songname?

    I would like to know this songname by Dimension...Do you know it guys?
  14. xiris

    Soundcloud Upload Quality Questions

    Hey all, been a while since i've said anything. Recently, I was playing back one of my tracks I'd uploaded through S/C on my phone, and noticed that my entire high end sounded awful. Hats were mudded together, nothing popped. I thought it was a production error originally.. that I'd left...
  15. Paticzak

    Dnb Family Help!

    I made it to the final round of #projektklub contest. If I win I will have a chance to throw a decent dnb/jungle party sponsored by Ballantine’s. The leading theme would be a city jungle. In Poland there is lack of events in this field so it’s a superb opportunity to promote dnb movement in my...
  16. Noirednb

    DnB Production Help/Tips DRUMNBASS

    Right, so ive been using logic for about a year now but my productions are not getting any better mixdown wise, every thing is quiet and a bit muddy so i was just wondering if anyones got any good tips or could help with mixdowns. theres a few new clips up on my soundcloud if anyone would like...
  17. DiversedNb

    The new channel

    Hello I have a modest channel on YouTube channel course focuses on the music of Drum & Bass, with all its subspecies of liquid funk after Techstep to Crossbreed I invite all interested to subscribe, commenting and sharing of music. If...
  18. elliottlawa

    DnB Songs like Mistabishi - No Matter What

    Does anyone know any songs similar to Mistabishi - No Matter What? More so looking for things with a similar euphoric piano part, like the old skool hardcore piano vibes mixed with dnb :)
  19. T

    Whats the name of this Song? Please Help

    Somebody please help! I got a small part of a DnB song i looped. Maybe somebody knows the name oft the song. Youtube Link: I recorded it when i went out the other night but it only was a 4 second video so i had to loop it. Thank you! greets
  20. Dan Zvi

    Smooth, relaxing drum and bass tune; any feedback would be great!

    Here's the link :) Hope you enjoy it!
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