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Sep 15, 2016
I made it to the final round of #projektklub contest. If I win I will have a chance to throw a decent dnb/jungle party sponsored by Ballantine’s. The leading theme would be a city jungle. In Poland there is lack of events in this field so it’s a superb opportunity to promote dnb movement in my country. All I need is votes! There will be 2 winners out of 10 contestants. To make me happy, please visit – and click – Zagłosuj na szefa klubu – (large bluish-white tile) – scroll down and choose Zagłosuj buton that is located on my photo (My name is Patrycja Roszczyk). The voting is opened untill 25th of September and you can vote maximum once a day. Please share with your friends, I belive in the dnb family power

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the first part is your date of birth if anyone can't translate.
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