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Hi my name is Paul, and i live in Mesa,AZ. Ive been listening to DnB for about 4 years now, i started mixing about 2 years ago. :)
I like to listen to every kind of style of DnB BUT, I prefer to listen to i guess you can call it jump up, i call it wobble. my favorite DJ ATM is DJ Hype, and TBH my favorite producer locally is my boy DJ Frequency|| Robo/Tech.( he has this one track called 'Bound by Honor', way dope!:respekt: In my mission to find the freshest mixes i stumbled upon this forum, for a while i couldn't register but i was finally able to, so if anybody would like to help me in my search i would greatly appreciate it(yn).thank you and Big ups Down Below!!! http://www.myspace.com/efil4ssab
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