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  • alot of shit been happenin mate, been very mentally stressful and ive had more time for boozin than dnbforum'in :P

    howz u doin n e wayz m8?
    I've already ripped it & tried to upload it few times but connection keeps cutting out halfway through

    i'll give it another go this weekend...
    I am not always on here at all! My weekend was bad ass, best birthday ever I reckon :)
    You have a good weekend? You going Inno next year then? I'm guessing you'll be 8 then?! x
    I know what you mean! You just lerking in the shadows then?! Ha ha. I went out for my birthday tonight, it's on Sunday but I started the celebrations early ha ha. What about you? x
    What you mean for now?! I'm good thank you, how are you?! I've just been working! What about you? x
    yes bruv..... yeh im kool mate..... ive been over in Ayai Napa repppin the dnb scene!! hahaha.... had a proper good time...
    yeh mate..... hospital party is on the plan at the moment...... not sure when we are gonna do it though.... need to get the ok from the other peeps that are stayin there aswell...... we need someway to lock off the bedrooms areas from the are we are gonna put the party.......

    anyway..... got a new hospital session mix up...... part 3....... http://dnbforum.com/showthread.php?t=51329 check it out mate
    You fag i thought it was gonna be someone else but it was me ya gay, you got me there bitch.

    Good man & yeah i'm good cheers.

    You been up to much mate?
    haha yeh man fuckin' hilarious shit.

    u good?
    Yeah yeah I know - I'm a bit of a Billy no mates innit, starting to get there now though...

    I'm good, apart from no internet at weekends - can you believe that BT can't install the line because their "system is down?" Not exactly reassuring...

    Hope your good too man!
    just done my 1st year on a tree surgery course, but wanna break from that 4 abit so gunna do 2 years of carpentry getting my nvq's and cscs card then do carpentry while i finish of my tree surgery course :D !! both well payed jobs but tree surgery fuck me when im qualified £200 + per tree, and if i work for 1 of my mates uncle £250 call out fee after 6pm and b4 6am :D
    Yeh I know they guy's a proper speng for doing that. Bumlicking the mods. But I'm cool with him now, weird actually turns out he lives near me and he knows some people I used to go school with. I'm lucky enough to have a job at the moment, 2 minutes from BM Soho as well luckily, well not really for my wallet!! haha. Hitting Leeds Uni in September man gonna be sick. You not going Uni nah..???
    Yes yes, yeh man I'm good bro. I think I'm a lot calmer now!! hahaha. No the_voice and his silly posts seriosuly helps this. What have you been on bruva...???
    Not really what I had in mind buttttt.......I'll show you when I get it. And who said anything about it being 'badgirl' ?!! EH?!!?!!!!!!????? Pass your test then! Psssssh!!!!
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