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  • Yeeeaash man, found a couple cheers! Mainly went for plain colours but just waiting for the guy to get back to me. Nice one for the assistance :D
    Yo dude, do you want guestlist for Idiosynphonic? If so just message me and any of your friends that want to come?

    Roll up, roll up for the Idiosynphonic Launch Party!

    On the jam packed line up we have:


    All this for only £5 if you book your ticket in advance! Hurry though because we only have a strictly limited number of advanced tickets available.
    To purchase your ticket go to

    alternatively call them up on 0844 844 2920

    Tickets on the door are £6 for students and £7 for non students.

    nah man. School holiday you know. Starting my higher education halfway next month. Gonna do a filming class in Brussels @ Narafi school. For 3 years. If i manage to complete it, i'll have a a cameraman, sound recorder, editor, script writer and director diploma. Really something for me i think. Will be working for two weeks at the local supermarket starting next week... What you up to?

    ah man, screw this but, i was looking at your sig, and since i had time on my hands, i downloaded it and shopped it a little bit so it flows more with a white background.
    Shouldn't have interfered maybe, but as i said, i was had time on my hands and was looking for something to do. Might aswell give it back to you. Not saying that your sig isn't cool the way it is though. Always loved it a lot. So big up. Bloody hell, why do i keep typing this shit. Too much time man. Nothing on tele or online. Meh.


    Na man i didnt take it myself, i just like the piece and think mr marks is a leg-end!!! Is the rest of the station as neat as that mate??...
    Thats why I nsfw it... :rolleyes:


    Not much else I can do bro.

    Sorry if it fucked you up, but the required warning was there ;)

    well to be fair, i saw you having beef with chloe. no offense man. its hard to do this job and to do it right, and i admit i was in the wrong to even suspect you not to mention publicly

    im sorry
    Hey what up Maine!! Yeah glad u like em, they really really pricey, i only own a couple of ther t-shirts..
    Nothin better than Asian Gurls and NIke shoes...ahhh
    Rare as hell straight from Japan..
    KIKSTYO is what it is...
    they do alot of shirts like that..look em up on the web..they have a site..
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