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Monster Dub Club

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Jul 26, 2017
Hi all,

Just a quick introduction...

My name is Sam and I run a drum and bass (and various other EDM) promotional channel, Monster Dub Club.

I want to share with everyone a playlist I have been adding to overtime with some of the best production tutorial videos on YouTube. From Serum/Massive/FM8 presets to different drum pattern techniques and other useful tips on how to thicken your sounds using frequency splitting and so on.

All credit goes to the channels that have uploaded this content, but I have chucked them all into one playlist for ease of access so people who want to learn how to produce can have a flick through.

Please ensure you support the channels who have provided us with these brilliant videos!

I use Ableton Live 9, so most of the tutorials are for this DAW, but there are still some in there for FL Studio, Cubase, Logic and others.

Please accept my apologies that this isn't the tidiest playlist out there as it contains some duplicate videos and also tutorials on how to do motion graphics, (at the beginning of the playlist) but it is still jam packed with great tutorials with all sorts of tips. At the time of this thread being posted, there are 400+ videos and still growing!

Link to playlist:

I will still be adding to this with any new videos I find, as I am completely obsessed with learning new ways to produce many genres such as drum and bass, neurofunk, jump up, dubstep, and anything else that could help.

Also, if you have any awesome production tutorial videos you want to share, PLEASE submit them below! I would love to find more and more to add to the list!


(If you like the playlist, I would greatly appreciate if you could subscribe to my channel! Cheers)

Monster Dub Club
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