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  1. Prime Suspect

    Very useful content for music producers, audio and autistic engineers, and DJs.

    Hello to DnB producers, audio and acoustic engineers, DJs, and musicians. Today I would like to tell you about a wonderful project, in which I was honored to take part. Sorry for self-promotion but I guess it can be useful. It is a book, written by a team of professional music producers, sound...
  2. Monster Dub Club

    Tutorial videos I have gathered over time!

    Hi all, Just a quick introduction... My name is Sam and I run a drum and bass (and various other EDM) promotional channel, Monster Dub Club. I want to share with everyone a playlist I have been adding to overtime with some of the best production tutorial videos on YouTube. From...
  3. T

    DnB Could i have some feed back please? :)

    Regen This is being released on a free album, but i would like some early feedback if possible? Much appreciated. I am a new producer, this is will be my first release... I think. :)
  4. M

    Multi Genre Crossover kind of DnB Trance

    Hi everyone I'd appreciate your feedback on this track that I've been working on lately: How it is built, the sound and production quality, the general appeal, ... Thanks in advance!
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