1. Monogone

    Monogone - Tripped

    Hey, let me know how it sounds. What I have to change to improve this. I'm very curious. Leave some feedback - it helps!
  2. H

    Plugin Opinions - WavesFactory Track Spacer

    It's about 60 euros. Demo was cool to use but i'm not sure if it's worth the money looking at it from the perspective of what it achieves in the end result. First saw it in a Fox Stevenson project and just want to know if any of you guys use it. What do you think? Cheers,
  3. Prime Suspect

    Very useful content for music producers, audio and autistic engineers, and DJs.

    Hello to DnB producers, audio and acoustic engineers, DJs, and musicians. Today I would like to tell you about a wonderful project, in which I was honored to take part. Sorry for self-promotion but I guess it can be useful. It is a book, written by a team of professional music producers, sound...
  4. Monster Dub Club

    Tutorial videos I have gathered over time!

    Hi all, Just a quick introduction... My name is Sam and I run a drum and bass (and various other EDM) promotional channel, Monster Dub Club. I want to share with everyone a playlist I have been adding to overtime with some of the best production tutorial videos on YouTube. From...
  5. RECollection

    DnB ((<<NEW RECOLLECT>>))

    let me know how it sounds
  6. G

    DJ set using 2 x akai mpd, 2 x laptops, 1 mixer

    So I saw these 2 dudes DJig b2b Each one had their own akai mpd226//they're own laptops// and shared one djm mixer How exactly does this kind of DJing work? What's the djm mixer for If they're using Ableton and a launch pad? I've just used decks Sorry for the novice question, thank you...
  7. 2

    Nice and free way of organizing AU plugins in Ableton

    I guess most of you know about the option to save AU plugin presets in LIve , but recently I found that this is the best way to organize your AU units. Before that I used Auganizer , but I think the limitations are more then benefits of this program + copies all files in System Plugins folder...
  8. 2

    Option for selecting Scale in Ableton piano roll

    Hi guys , I know some of you use Ableton. I wonder if any of you know VST or M4L device that allows you to draw notes in piano roll only in selected scale. For example - Presonus Studio One have the option to select scale in piano roll and thus you can put notes only in positions which refer...
  9. D


  10. Morah

    New release, would love some feedback

    This is the single in question: also this track is for free: Thank you Morah
  11. strove

    [Ableton] Excellent Fundamentals YouTube Course

    I just finished watching this dude's free course and thought it was really good. So, enjoy!
  12. Whompz


    Here's a new neurofunk freebie I put up the other day for me hitting 1,000 followers on soundcloud! Hope you all like it, feel free to leave any tunes you want listening to!
  13. Jake_Mehmet1

    First dnb tune!!

    Check out my first dnb tune produced on ableton! follow and leave a comment!
  14. Jake_Mehmet1

    Check out my first dnb tune!

    First ever dnb tune produced by myself on Ableton. Let me know your thoughts. follow and leave a comment!
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