So I just finished a remix


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Jul 20, 2016
I would bring the kick/snare up in the mix so they really kick in. The drum loop is probably at the right level. The drums are quite bass-ey so I would push the treble EQ a bit on those, but they shouldn't interfere with the synths if you do that. :)


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Aug 13, 2013
It's more drum and synth than drum and bass but that's fine. Level of the drums is OK by me, I think they need the bass to cut under the synths. Plus with synths like that you're never going to get impressive bass anyway, they just take up too much room.

I think the synth part needs work. It's a bit of a wall of noise but I can hear that there are single note melodies in there which need to come out more. Also they're a bit too fast and messy, I'd use fewer notes in the melodies. Maybe that's the character of the original though The bit at 3.14 where you strip it all back is good.
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