Smashed - First event in kent


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What part of Kent you from?
I swear we've had this conversation before lol, From this Isle Of Sheppey, home to inbred scum since we've walked on land haha.

It was in freeks cdj thread i think, your from gravesend right?

Il copy and pasta

hahah its not me, honest lol i used to live in london, then chatham and sittingbourne and now here. But il agree man, some of the people are fucking weird lol, mainly the older people.

and Il beat you swimming race

These guys from gravesend came here and threw a big beach party in minster they had about 250 people down there, we were like no way, we do lil parties sometimes but nothing like that, loads of trance housy types and a few dnb heads, we went and got my mates system and the organisers didnt really like it. we took all the dnb heads from em lol

Dont know if you've heard of them?!/baysicsessions


Sappening mate, funnily enough me and wizla are best mates, repping kent lol, You mix yourself?

Ever need another Dj mate il come up :)
Yeah mate i mix, links in my sig

I got enough DJs for this event but il probably need some more for the next one which will be in a few weeks

You got a mix i can hear??