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  • lol I think it was a member from Spain wanted a tune ID and was trying to describe it. Or they were trying to describe the current DnB they were feeling. It was a long time ago and I'm struggling to remember.
    yeh sick... safe man!! yeh need to get some unlocks... pretty shit with just the standard weapons at the mo!! ill shout you next time im on.... prob be later tonight... also... picking up my mic and headphones from my parents tonight.... been left there for far too long!
    No not yet.... only got it the other day. To be fair.... im pretty shit at B3 at the mo.... B2 is much easier.... none of the jumping on the floor business..... but yeh.. come pay day... PREMIUM!! ya nahhh mean.
    I saw you... merking up the place in your jet!! pitty the mrs turned up from work with a bunch of mates... so had to put on flippin eastenders. GAY! hahahaha.
    I KNEW THAT. and id totally ban you if i knew where the fking buttons was. but i dont and i ought to know i clicked all over this place. just clicking away, cant find shit.
    prrrrrrrrretty funny richard. it was richard was it not? or was michael. damn it since the chatbox done up and gone away i tend to forget.
    ummm not too sure on that one, what i tend to do is tweak all the knobs and see what happens haha, but make sure you saved before you tweak loads of stuff, then if it doesnt work just go back to your saved track

    One thing you could try, on the 'amp envolope' you have A D S R faders, try pushing the A one up, what its called is attack which means the note will fade in more the higher you push the fader up, it might lose that fuzz, but it could make the beggining of the note sound silent, so to counteract that try pushing the R fader up aswell, this is the Release fader which means it will hold the note longer after its finished the higher its set, it might cancel out the silence of the beginning of the note

    Hope that helps a lil!
    Sup |Ricky, i think i know what you mean, if you turn the 'sync button' on, then adjust 'rate' to say 1/4 and it should be following the beat properly, then just play around with rates till it has the effect you want, also adjust the shapes under the sync button, i personally like the rise shape with rises from left to right usually set on 1/4

    I hope that helps, and makes sense also !
    Another of my mates couldnt hack an hour of overkill, he took 2CB for the first time and he started crying when Shitmat was playing gabber and the strobes on every wall went on for like 2 minutes :-/ sooo I dont think Ill even try to persuade him haha. Yeah I was dancing like a madman to gabber, breakcore and hardstyle in one night but I still cant enjoy it when sober :D its sick when youre there though

    Cheers for that link, been waiting for that pack to be uploaded for months!
    Ah, I shall try telling them, one of them isnt too keen on camping so a chalet might entice him.. I need to show them the 2011 lineup to prove its not all breakcore and gabber too :D
    Did you see Squire of Gothos at bangface? Fucking tore it up at Glade, im addicted to bassline/garage now. But one of my mates who I thought was enjoying it was just buzzing too hard to care what he was dancing to :teeth:
    Thanks :) Just came back from Glade, Bangface did the overkill stage and Im hunting for more crazy raves!

    None of my mates want to go to bangface events though coz the trailers/teasers scare them :(
    Cheers Mango! Me and Sirus did it on software unfortunately, spoils the illusion right !? haha

    It was a lil project we did just passing the the mix back and forth and adding to it, all in the name of fun tho, we do not profess to be awesome dj's or anything else

    Infact ive never met Sirus, i know very little about him, just i find him very very funny and we share the same tastes in music, i think we might do another soon, there is another one we did a looooong time ago but i cant find it :(

    I currently have some cdj's at mine today so hopefully i might record a lil garage mix, fingers crossed
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