reason... WOM?


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Nov 16, 2008
can any1 enlighten me on how to create a clean heavy wom on reason using thor or any other sample.
iv looked on google n cant find shit.
help would be great!
no idea how to use reason, but i got the theory. low cut the bass, and play with the attack on the cut

Most people say this, reason has a tendency to say "computer says no". the attacks to smooth and you're forever automating it to bend into the peak of the filter. I'd recommend using a standalone synth and re-sampling it into reason mate!

Also if your using Reason 4.0, Thor is an excellent tool for twisted bass.

Open Thor > Right click initilize patch > have 2 analog Osc's running(click the number 2, to make it red).

Open a filter on filter 3, use combi for now. make sure + is selected.

On LFO 1 set it to sync, 3/16, no delay for now.

On the bottom set source - LFO1, and destination - Filter 3 Freq'. Fiddle with the amount setting; you should be acheiving a steady wab wab wab.

Now experiment with different filters, LFO speeds, and different destinations.

When your're happy, play one solid note(that sounds good) for 8 bars. Export loop as wav. Open NN-XT, and load the wav you've exported.

Keep fucking with it, till it's murder.

Hope this helps.

P.s when in thor, make sure decay and sustain are on full for the amp.. or at least near full.
at 42 seconds that wob, cut it out, re-sample it as a wav, and enhance it with scream 4 etc. keep doing it, concentrate on cleanlyness not dirtyness! and you'll have a mint synth there.
It's just the phrase you use. Take that wom synth. click convert loop to audio wav file. open a 6:2 mixer + nnxt in a combinator patch. on the nnxt right click it, initialize patch. open the programmer so you've got the blue piano roll. right click it > browse samples. Load your sound. add a few effects. convert it too wav. and do the same again. this is re-sampling. You may find it usefull to take your synth and split it into Low Mid Hi. The way to do this, is to do the above but 3 times. One with the low end, one with the mid etc. If you don't know how to emphasis each freq' range. open an equalizer in the combinator, push the low end up a couple of -db and take out the rest with the other knobs, you made want to use more than one EQ because you only have 4 knobs with Reasons EQ.

Once you have all 3, fiddle with them seperately, making movement with LFO's and basicly a bit of unique rythem. Once you're happy with all 3. Open a new combinator with nnxt, and load all 3 so when u play a note, they all play the same time. Thats the best i can explain it! You'll have alot of fun on the way.
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